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Are You Ready For The Bees Knees Treats?

Are You Ready For The Bees Knees Treats?

Trick or treat? Spooky days are coming and we got plenty of The Bees Knees treats to hand you this week! Our latest discoveries make our life sweeter and happier. You’ll fall for the grooves and escaping vibes! Stay tuned!

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Brynn Cartelli – ‘If I Could (Live From Babe Studios)’

On our radar this week, The Bees Knees treats you with Brynn Cartelli’s single ‘If I Could’ recorded live at The Babe Studios in Brooklyn. Co-written by Kesha and Demi Lovato collaborator Ben Abraham, the song featured on the debut EP Based On A True Story peaked at 11 million streams globally. She shines with her talent and sensibility! Did you remember seeing her on team Kelly Clarkson’s on The Voice fourteenth season? Yeah, she won our hearts in the final!

Brynn Cartelli’s ‘If I Could’ live rendition is soft and very emotional. “And if I could, if I could take your place/Then I would, then I would walk away/But I’ll be your shoulder to cry on/Wipe the tears from your eyes,” she sings with her flawless voice. She sings like there’s no tomorrow, sharing her real-life experiences. Despite difficulties, we should all stand up for each other. Stream the beautiful version here!

Just Stef – ‘Liar Liar’

Liar liar/Set my life on fire/Burn this place into the ground/Liar liar,” Just Stef’s ‘Liar Liar’ infectious chorus starts and sticks in our heads. Her electro-pop melody trailblaze us in our wildest dreams like Taylor Swift. Is it easy to dance to the uplifting instrumentation? Yes, definitely. The rising Argentinian-American artist is our new lucky charm with her vocals that reminisce of Ashley Kutcher and Alessia Cara. How to resist her angelic tones? Impossible! We are already craving for more. The electro bass lines and the sweet energy creates such an explosive mixture of sounds that makes us happier. Moving on and be independent, that’s the key to a better life. Trust yourself! Find the whole truth with Just Stef’s ‘Liar Liar’ here!

MIREI – ‘1998’

Do you ever feel nostalgic for past eras? Even the ones you never witness? Japanese rising artist MIREI ‘1998’ is a mix of old pop days and gritty modern melodies. Inspired by the strong parts of Britney Spears along with the grown-up lyrics from Olivia Rodrigo, she balanced herself between both worlds in her new track. While listening to ‘1998,’ we feel the beautiful echoes of MIREI high-pitched vocals and it’s purely magical. The irresistible notes float around the room and let us in a Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ trance. Imprinted with lo-fi guitars, grainy and cute animated visuals, and memorable sound effects, ‘1998’ trippy and melancholic vibes stare at you! Take a step back to ‘1998’ and stream MIREI’s new song here!

Lil Migo – ‘Rumors 3’

The rap world will shake to this newcomer’s deep beats! Lil Migo’s talent is rising and it is no wonder why he’s on The Bees Knees treats this week. His thick and solid bars flow in groovy rhythms. “Jump on a flight/Goin overseas/Rock Out a show & Watch The Crowd Sing/I Give It Back I Give It All Up” Lil Migo brings the rhyme with a Pop Smoke-infused swag on ‘Rumors 3.’ Engulf yourself in a smashing harsh, brutal and honest poetry world. The Memphis rapper makes his way to global stardom with viral tracks and countless streams. Who’s ready to jump on the bandwagon? While waiting for his KING OF THE TRAP upcoming record, get your daily dose of ‘Rumors 3’ on your fav music platform here.

Missy Higgins – ‘Edge Of Something’

When music fits the screen, it depicts emotions and tells us a story we can relate to even if it’s fiction. The Bees Knees dug deeper this week and treats you with Missy Higgins’ new track ‘Edge Of Something.’ Did you love high women empowerment series like Scandal or The Good Fight? You should take a look at the Australian drama Total Control. The second season trailer featuring the singer-songwriter ‘Edge Of Something’ is here and it’s breathtaking!

Challenging herself during the lockdown, Missy Higgins wrote and created short clips. These ones are sometimes transformed into masterful pieces of art just like ‘Edge Of Something.’ The crescendos hit straight to the heart with vibrant emotions that remind us of Ingrid Michaelson’s aesthetics. Just close your eyes and let all your feelings go with the superb piano harmonies. Escape into a new world along with the delicate tempo that raises into a chaotic blend of sounds. Get your hands on ‘Edge Of Something’ here.

Matt Rosa – ‘Used To Know Me Well’

If you are a fan of James Arthur or Ed Sheeran’s ballads, we found your new idol with The Bees Knees treats of the week. Matt Rosa is rising and off to release his debut album Times Have Changed And So Am I on October 29th. Preorder here! Following the theme of growing up and accepting who we are inside of us, the singer-songwriter unveiled the new single ‘Used To Know Me Well.’

Heartbroken, it was time to reflect on how you’ve changed and question what you’d become through relationships. “I swear you were perfect in my dreams, those eyes used to know me well,” he croons to his lost loved one, bring back all the teardrop vibes to the surface. With all his soul, he goes deep and unleashes his feelings to the world without fear along the piano ballad strings and piano melodies. Watch the stunning visuals below!

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Pa Salieu Feat. Aitch- ‘Bad’

Pa Salieu making his path to hip hip stardom after his BBC Sound of 2021 win. He knows how to groove and his rhythmic senses are seen as 100mph. His recent collaborations with Slowthai and FKA Twigs can rank him to the level of Skepta and Dizzee Rascal. This time, he teamed up with Aitch for ‘Bad’ and it’s full of killing bars! The song is fire with its African congas, showing love to the born to be Gambia via Coventry, UK, rap prodigy.

We move effortlessly or as Pa Salieu would say we’re “Glidin’’ to the intricate dancing beats. “Star boy like John Lennon (Uh-huh)
Rockin’ the ting like the fine fashion (Uh-huh) Call me Armstrong ’cause I love rockets (Uh-huh) Electrician tryna off sockets (Skrrt)
,” the rapper tries to convince us that sometimes being a rebel is not a ‘Bad’ thing! Get your feet on the dance floor and sweat to Pa Salieu and Aitch’s new track here!

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Do you feel that you need more honey busy bees? The Bees Knees have more for you here!

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