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Get Ready To Rock With SEVENTEEN

Get Ready To Rock With SEVENTEEN

Hey CARATs and Honey Poppers, it’s THP again with another SEVENTEEN update while we all prepare for their Attacca comeback!

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The track-list has been revealed, and well… CARATs, rightfully so, are freaking out! There are two new people added to the producing/writing team, one being our maknae Dino, as well as Jordan Witzigreuter aka The Ready Set. We honestly can’t wait to hear what Dino brings to the production, and if it’s like the audio he did for #SVT_AUDIO_KIT, we know we’ll be dancing. A Jordan and SEVENTEEN team up is something we never could’ve predicted, but it’s something we now can’t wait for.

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Jordan and SVT are teaming up for their title track ‘Rock with you,’ which is said to have a “powerful synth riff, addictive guitar backing, and a 2-step rhythm for a smooth yet riveting listen.” Try telling us that you aren’t excited to hear what the group has prepared. We also have a track for every subunit, and there is a return of Joshua and Vernon being on a track, ‘2 MINUS 1.’ The track is digital only and is to show love and appreciation to their international fans. ‘Rocket’ is still in our top five, so we’re really excited to hear the full track. From what we’ve heard so far from the highlight medley, whew, we don’t think we’re even prepared. You can view the full track-list below, along with the highlight medley.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

Speaking of self producing idols, SEVENTEEN always strive for CARATs to be the same, so recently the group tweeted out about #SVT_AUDIO_KIT. The audio kit puts CARATs in the driver seat of producing. The group included sounds they put together on a Google Drive so fans can put together a little something something. This is what we like to call great promotion, whoever came up with this… *big brain* for sure.

After seeing everyone jump in and create beautiful sounds, we decided to take a crack at making something with the audio kit, and well this is what came out of it…

We might just have to sideline writing and become full time producers, SEVENTEEN and BUMZU please collab with us!

Gif Source: Tenor

Just kidding about that first part, we don’t have much experience in producing, and much like making music is life to SEVENTEEN, writing is the same with us. If you haven’t already, you can pre-save Attacca, here.

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What song are you most excited about from the tracklist? Have you made your own audio? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more SEVENTEEN before the comeback? We got you covered!


Featured Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

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