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‘Keep Your Head Up Princess,’ You Have A New Anson Seabra EP To Listen To

‘Keep Your Head Up Princess,’ You Have A New Anson Seabra EP To Listen To

The day is here! We are finally talking about Anson Seabra’s new EP! And we couldn’t be happier! Each of these tracks is so perfectly crafted, and a masterclass on how to captivate your audience with silky vocals and beautiful lyrics. From ‘Dominoes’ to ‘We’re Not In Kansas Anymore,’ we can’t get enough of any of these songs. We’ve fallen in love with Anson Seabra after seeing him on tour with Alec Benjamin (get tickets to the rest of the tour here!) and you know we’ve turned into full-on stans! We’re ready to break this EP down, track by track!

Stream Feeling For My Life here!

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‘We’re Not In Kansas Anymore’

As fellow huge Wizard Of Oz fans, we can appreciate this title! Anson opens Feeling For My Life with the softest, most beautiful vocals. The message of the track is all about change and the realization that things are not the same.


‘Dominoes’ was an early favorite of ours from Anson Seabra, especially after hearing the track live on his tour with Alec Benjamin! When we look at this track we see a song that could easily blow up, it’s got all the elements to be a smash hit. Don’t sleep on ‘Dominoes.’

‘u hurt me hurts u’

Just by the all lowercase title, you know this song is going to hurt. And just like that, it does. We aren’t ashamed to admit this has been our “crying on the bathroom floor” song. Anson Seabra having the softest voice of all time, adds to the vulnerability of ‘u hurt me hurts u.’

‘It’s Raining, It’s Pouring’

Allow ‘It’s Raining, It Pouring’ to be the soundtrack to any gloomy day when you’re missing someone. We’ve screamed these lyrics alone way too many times. The track is that incredible.

‘Love Me’

‘Love Me’ is a leading contender for our absolute favorite track on Feeling For My Life. We can relate all too hard to the feeling of confusion when you’re receiving affection from someone else, when you don’t even love yourself. It hits hard.


What a beautiful song. Wow. “Pretty” isn’t everything, everyone has a form of depth, everyone has worth outside of their looks. There are certain cities, especially LA where that can get lost. “Maybe it’s Maybelline, but it’s probably make-believe” is an incredible line.

‘Walked Through Hell’

Okay, this is it, the other contender for our favorite song. ‘Walked Through Hell’ feels like the most soul-bearing confession of love for someone. A confession that you’d do anything to make this person stay in your life.

‘Lucky Charms’

Such an incredibly sad song. You can almost put yourself into the headspace we can imagine Anson Seabra was in while writing this, which adds to the heaviness of the track immensely.

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‘Keep Your Head Up Princess’

So many of the songs on Feeling For My Life are perfect to cry to, ‘Keep Your Head Up Princess’ is no exception. We remember the room when Anson Seabra was playing this song live, and you could see the immediate impact it was having on people.

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