Noa Kirel’s ‘Bad Little Thing’ Is A Very Good Thing!

Noa Kirel’s ‘Bad Little Thing’ Is A Very Good Thing!

Here at THP, we love Noa Kirel’s unapologetic confidence, and her new single, ‘Bad Little Thing,’ is the perfect boppy example! Touching on her beauty, wealth, and success, the lyrics let her boast about everything she’s proud of over a fun sax-tinged instrumental.

Noa got to work with hitmakers Casey Smith, DJ Swish, JHart, Nate Merchant, and Sam Martin on the track, so it’s no surprise the song is ridiculously catchy. Their credits include Jason Derulo’s ‘Want to Want Me,’ Little Mix’s ‘Power,’ Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘jealousy, jealousy,’ and YG’s ‘FDT.’ Talk about star power!

I’m so excited to release my second global single, ‘Bad Little Thing’. The song is an empowerment anthem and I really connect to it especially at this stage in my life. I hope it inspires people to be strong, fearless, and independent!

Noa Kirel

Alongside the song comes a fun, colorful music video that makes as bold a statement as the lyrics! Noa finds herself in a pharmacy, a claw machine, and a bright pool as she pursues a potential lover.

‘Bad Little Thing’ is Noa’s second English single, after she dropped the fun, optimistic ‘Please Don’t Suck’ back in July. As an Israeli pop star, she’s been inspired by worldwide superstars like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez, released show-stopping tracks in Hebrew, and collected tens of millions of streams by the age of 20. We adore her gorgeous vocals, glamorous visuals, and stunning fashion!

On top of it all, Noa is currently balancing her music career with her duties as part of an army band in the Israeli Defense Force and recently joined Atlantic Records to bring her career to the global level. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Noa and what playlist-worthy bops she puts out in the future! If she keeps up this glittering sound, she’ll definitely become a global icon.

What do you think of ‘Bad Little Thing?’ Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, Facebook, and Instagram.


Featured Image Source: Eran Levi

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