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Of Monsters And Men’s Iconic Era: My Head Is An Animal

Of Monsters And Men’s Iconic Era: My Head Is An Animal

It has been ten whole years since one of our favorite indie-folk bands, Of Monsters And Men, came into our lives with their timeless album My Head Is An Animal. This is the album that got us obsessed with the band and the beautiful music they make, and the situation hasn’t changed. This is why we all got so hyped when Of Monsters And Men announced My Head Is An Animal’s 10th-anniversary version will be released on October 29th. We have no idea how to wait, but at least we can pre-order it in here and talk about why we love this era so much. 

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This album is how most of you got to know us and how we got to know you and for that we are forever grateful.

Of Monsters And Men

My Head Is An Animal 

My Head Is An Animal is the debut album of the band released on September 20, 2011. Even though it was released way back then, the album never gets old. Since it got released, it has been our safe choice whenever we want to listen to a beautiful, calming indie-folk album. Apart from being a timeless album, it is also very well written and produced. Everything about the album is made with love, and you can feel it in your bones. From the vocals to lyrics, it is one of the most successful debut albums of all time. We are not the only ones who think like that! Even professional critics agree with us. The album was so successful that it became a ticket for Of Monsters And Men to sign with Universal Music Group. It deserves every single recognition it got back then and is still getting today. With its lyrics, instruments, and breath-taking vocals, we don’t think we will ever get over My Head Is An Animal. No skips!

The Lyrics

We need to warn you on this one if you haven’t listened to My Head Is An Animal album yet. The lyrics are so good, indeed, but also so emotional. Most of the songs on the album tell us a story. Thanks to this story-like aura, the lyrics are not repetitive, and they make you hold your breath to hear what’s going to come next. 

“The forest that once was green
Was colored black by those killing machines”

‘Dirty Paws’

The band’s frontwoman and guitarist, Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, admits that most of the time, while they are telling their stories, they don’t want to be obvious. You can see it mostly in My Head Is An Animal. The band writes these stories, gives them a voice, and the rest is on you; it is the listeners’ job to give it meaning, and we think this freedom is a precious one. Maybe this is why we love My Head Is An Animal so much; maybe it’s because it’s too personal for us with the meanings we gave to the songs. 

“You’re gone, gone, gone away; I watched you disappear
All that’s left is a ghost of you”

‘Little Talks’

One of the most popular songs of the band is ‘Little Talks,’ which appears in this legendary album, and it is one of the songs that get praised for its lyricality. Again, we are witnessing a story, but this time a two-sided one. The song tells a story of a couple having a conversation, but the hard part is, the husband has passed away. Nanna gives a voice to the woman while Ragnar is giving a voice to the man. Us? We just can’t stop listening to it and get emotional.


Not only the musicality and lyricality of My Head Is An Animal is iconic. Have you seen the videos of this era? Just like the songs themselves, the music and lyrics videos also are too soothing. For the videos, the band worked with WeWereMonkeys, which is a Canadian firm, but they stayed loyal to their Icelandic roots. For the band, WeWereMonkeys took a huge inspiration from Nordic mythology and Icelandic landscapes. Everybody adored these videos and praised them just like we did. ‘Little Talks’ was even nominated for “Best Art Direction” for 2012’s MTV Video Music Awards

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Celebrating The 10th Year

My Head Is An Animal is a huge album, and of course, its 10th anniversary celebrations should be huge, too. The album’s 10th anniversary edition will include two unreleased songs: ‘Phantom’ and ‘Sugar In A Bowl.’ We are familiar with ‘Phantom’ thanks to the band’s live performances but having a studio version of the song excites us so much! Along with My Head Is An Animal’s anniversary version, new merch, and limited-edition vinyl are also on their way. Do you think that’s all? Nope! The band will also give us two special shows on November 9th & 10th in their home, Iceland. The sales have already begun! Head over to here for more details!  

of monsters and men my head is an animal
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Are you emotional about My Head Is An Animal’s 10th anniversary like us? What is your favorite song off the album? Tell us in the comments, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or write to us on Facebook and Instagram.

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