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Ricky Montgomery Opens Up With His Emotional Single ‘Sorry For Me’

Ricky Montgomery Opens Up With His Emotional Single ‘Sorry For Me’

Trigger Warning: This article discusses sexual abuse and parental abuse, though no graphic details are shared.

Ricky Montgomery! Where do we even start talking about them? Before COVID-19, he was a gem that most of us hadn’t heard about. Last year, when two singles ‘Mr Loverman’ and ‘Line Without A Hook’ from his debut album Montgomery Ricky went TikTok viral, they finally started to get the recognition they have always deserved. After the release of his single ‘Talk To You’ three months ago, we started to crave more tunes from him. Luckily, our ‘Mr Loverman’ heard our prayers and just released his brand new single ‘Sorry For Me.’ So, get your vibes ready because Ricky Montgomery is about to make all of us cry, again.

Stream ‘Sorry For Me’ here.

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Now, let’s be real, there isn’t a single Ricky Montgomery song that we don’t love. However, ‘Sorry For Me’ hits differently. Ricky’s characteristic as a musician and songwriter is singing and writing about their personal experiences. In our opinion, showing vulnerability with your music is something so brave, and we always respect the musicians who do that. Ricky Montgomery is one of them. They are using their art to heal, to express the feelings maybe they have never expressed before.

‘Sorry For Me’ is a beautiful but touching song to listen to, especially when you know the meaning hidden behind it. The calming strings and Ricky’s familiar soft voice gives us an unexpected shock when they get mixed with lyrics that represent a harsh reality. He starts to tell us a very personal story of his now ex-stepfather getting arrested. We can’t quite understand why he got arrested from the song, but Ricky explained on Twitter that he was a very abusive man, and he always had been, but they had to stop him after a conversation between his sister and her therapist.

When he asked for permission from his sister to make a song about this trauma the whole family went through collectively (but especially his sister), she permitted them but on one condition. She didn’t want to be portrayed as a victim but as a brave person. Ricky Montgomery opens up even more in their tweets and says that he was the one who had to ask their mother to leave his abusive stepfather. He talks about how hard it is to be “the oldest child” in these kinds of situations and have to take action.

“Now that it’s over
I don’t know how to feel
Moving to California
Where I won’t have to deal”

‘Sorry For Me’

The animated music video of ‘Sorry For Me’ basically mirrors Ricky Montgomery’s experiences during this period of their life. The art style of the video is amazing, and especially combining with the music and Ricky’s voice, you get lost in it while you are watching it.

The song is very touchy and very emotional, indeed. However, we need to be straight about one thing. Ricky respects his sister’s wish and talking to us during the chorus. They don’t want us to be sorry for them, sorry for their family. They don’t want us to pity them, but instead, they wants us to see how brave he and his family are. So, we should respect them from this perspective while we enjoy listening to this beautiful, personal song.

We appreciate Ricky Montgomery for sharing such a beautiful song with us. It has become a very special song for most of us, making us realize that we are not alone. He, his family, and you (if you have gone through such an experience) are so brave, and we hope that everyone gets the justice they deserve as soon as possible.

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