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10 Projects By SUGA That Make Our Hearts Light Up Inside

10 Projects By SUGA That Make Our Hearts Light Up Inside

Whew, SUGA is a busy boy! When he’s not writing, producing and performing with BTS, working as his alter ego Agust D or studying hard, he’s working with other artists. We stan a multi-tasking king.

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Hot on the heels of their collab with Coldplay, SUGA has now taken the song and is giving it a touch of his producing magic as he drops the ‘My Universe (SUGA’s Remix),’ and it is everything. The remix was an idea brought to life following the ColdTan meet in New York last month, where the two groups had a discussion over lunch. We are living for this friendship!

Speaking on the remix, SUGA said: “I’m thrilled to be able to work together with Coldplay, who I’ve admired since I was a kid, and honored to be a part of this remix.” Sobbing rn because he’s living the real fan dream.

Everything SUGA touches is pure art and he doesn’t slack just because he isn’t the main artist in a project. His talent is a force to be reckoned with and as BTS continues to take over as the music phenomenon, we just know more iconic collabs and features will come from him. In the meantime, we’re sharing our fave projects that he has worked on over the years.

‘Eight’ – IU Prod. And Ft. SUGA

Back in May 2020, IU and SUGA teamed up to deliver the breath-taking ‘Eight’ which SUGA also featured on. Both incredible lyricists with a real way with words and capturing emotions, ‘Eight’ explores topics which burden people in their late twenties. Of course with two Korean icons as co-workers, it’s no surprise that the collab did incredibly well both across the country and the globe.

‘Wine’ – Suran Prod. SUGA Ft. Change

‘Wine’ was the second project for both SUGA and Suran to join forces, following the success of ‘So Far Away’ which she featured on during his first mixtape, self-titled Agust D. This song saw him take the role as producer and marked the first time producing for an artist outside of BTS. ‘Wine’ sees the storyteller reminisce over an ex with a glass of wine, with the lyrics entwined with influence of R&B, hip hop and electro-pop. It was a first-chart topper for Suran since her debut and also for SUGA as a producer, earning them both the Hot Trend Award at the 2017 Melon Music Awards. A true classic to his producing discography!

‘Song Request’ – Lee Sora Ft. SUGA

Another chart-topper for SUGA comes from his feature with Lee Sora on ‘Song Request.’ He was actually recommended by Epik High’s Tablo who produced the song, and sings about the loneliness someone feels which encourages them to turn on the radio to hear a song mirroring their current mood. The collab marked SUGA’s first collab as a featuring artist and went on to achieve a perfect-all-kill on Korean music charts, as well as topping iTunes Charts across the world. Can you feel the pride radiating through us?

‘We Don’t Talk Together’ – Heize Prod. SUGA Ft. Giriboy

Even though 2019 saw BTS really take on new heights as takeover artists, SUGA still had some time to squeeze out a few producing projects, including Heize‘s ‘We Don’t Talk Together’ featuring Giriboy. The somber song tells the tale of two people growing apart caused by their incapability to communicate and honestly, we think it needs to be talked about more! If the song topping the charts wasn’t enough, it also won first place on a music show despite not being promoted. Talk about iconic!

‘Eternal Sunshine’ – Epik High Prod. SUGA

Another 2019 project was Epik High‘s ‘Eternal Sunshine’ which saw him reunited with Tablo, with SUGA in the producer’s chair this time. Fueled with groovy, laid-back beats, this song sings about emotional exhaustion caused by society’s ruthlessness, and offers step by step life advice from the trio. It even charted well despite being an album track. It’s a pure banger and we’d love to see them work together again in the future.

SUGA’s Interlude – Halsey Ft. SUGA

Listen, the friendship between BTS and Halsey is one of our most favorite in all of pop history ever. The fact that even though they aren’t working together anymore (or at least for now, we’re still working on our manifestations) they are still cheering each other on, has our hearts beating in overtime! We were truly thrilled when Halsey chose to recruit SUGA for a feature on their 2020 album Manic and even asked him to write his own verse and sing in Korean, where he also referenced one of his lines from BTS’s ‘Tomorrow.’ If Korea and America were a lot closer, we’re convinced they’d be hanging out regularly. It charted in 14 different countries despite only being an interlude, and also contributed to his history-making achievement of being the first solo Korean male musician to chart more than once on Billboard’s Digital Songs Sales chart. Legend behavior, we thinks.

‘Blueberry Eyes’ – MAX Ft. SUGA

Last year saw MAX and SUGA drop two epic collabs. After featuring on ‘Burn It’ from Agust D’s D-2, MAX asked SUGA if he’d like to feature on any of his songs for his album Color Vision to which the BTS star chose ‘Blueberry Eyes.’ He wrote his rap in Korean and even made a sneaky reference to ARMY, despite the song being dedicated to MAX’s wife. Sneaky but we love it! There were some remixes of the song released including one by Steve Aoki and another featuring Lil Mosey and Olivia O’Brien. Definitely one of our fave collabs off MAX’s album!

‘Over The Horizon’ – Prod. SUGA

This was definitely a different take on a SUGA collab but he managed to master it regardless. For Samsung Galaxy’s 10 year anniversary, SUGA – who is a face of the brand alongside his fellow BTS members – was asked to remix their famous Over The Horizon musical theme as part of the Voices of Galaxy series. Speaking about working with the major brand, who he is an avid fan of, SUGA said: “It was an honor to work on a song that’s been part of Galaxy’s 10-year history. Everyone knows that it’s the Galaxy theme song just by its melody. Like the title ‘Over the Horizon,’ it’s about going beyond our limits. No one knows what will unfold, but our dreams make us go farther than ever.”

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‘YOU’ – ØMI Prod. SUGA

Just days before dropping his remix of ‘My Universe,’ SUGA’s latest producing project dropped in the form of ‘YOU’ by Japanese singer ØMI. The song has already been performing well on charts where it ranked No.1 on iTunes in over 40 countries and No.8 on Worldwide iTunes Songchart within two days of its release. ØMI took to social media to share thanks, saying: “I couldn’t have got this result with out this time’s music producer SUGA and his fans ARMY always supporting him with passion and lots of love.” We’re obsessed!

Min Suga. Genius. He did tell us, and he was right!

best projects by BTS Min Yoongi SUGA collab Agust D songs features produced The Honey POP Coldplay My Universe Remix
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Are you streaming SUGA’s remix of ‘My Universe?’ What’s your favorite project he’s worked on? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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