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September Music Wrap-Up: BTS, Jesse Mccartney and More!

September Music Wrap-Up: BTS, Jesse Mccartney and More!

September came through with the new music! We got new collaborations from BTS and Megan Thee Stallion, and new jams from Jesse McCartney among others! Let’s Dive In!

Justus Bennetts – ‘Bad Day’

We genuinely don’t think there’s a better song to scream the words to at the loudest volume possible than ‘Bad Day.’ Justus Bennetts hasn’t missed yet with his music, so we’re not surprised ‘Bad Day’ is the smash it is.

Jesse McCartney – ‘Party For Two’

Jesse McCartney has been stealing our hearts for as long as we can remember! It’s been well over a decade since he came onto the scene and Jesse McCartney is making us melt all over again with the adorable ‘Party For Two.’

BTS – ‘Butter’ (feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

You know we had to include a little BTS and Megan Thee Stallion love in our wrap-up! This remix to ‘Butter’ has been one of our most played songs this last month, it’s the perfect blend of musical worlds.

FINNEAS – ‘The 90s’

FINNEAS completely breaking off and having this solo career as an artist is everything we could hope for. Especially when we look at his September release of the track ‘The 90s.’ We’re left feeling nostalgic and wanting to hear the song live ASAP.

JVKE – ‘this is what falling in love feels like’

Okay, we will always be suckers for a good love song. We can’t help that we’re hopeful romantics. JVKE has made the ultimate feel-good love song, it makes us feel ever so single, but we can’t get enough.

Alec Benjamin – ‘Older’

Alec Benjamin is one of those once-in-a-lifetime artists. From his lyrics to his soft voice that can soothe anyone who listens. His track ‘Older’ is the nostalgia boost we all need.

Liv Grace Blue – ‘Young Wild & Free’

Liv Grace Blue is the moment, since ‘Don’t Need A Man,’ we’ve known just that! Especially after hearing her newest track ‘Young Wild & Free,’ we could tell that before we know it’s she’ll be right up there with the main pop girls.

JESSIA – ‘First Call’

JESSIA has just released her EP How Are You? And out of all the tracks, we can’t seem to turn off ‘First Call.’ Her voice is so ethereal, and the song itself is so calming.

Greyson Chance – ‘Overloved’

It’s no secret that we are super fans of Greyson Chance. Simply put, he’s one of the most incredible lyricists and vocalists out there, and ‘Overloved’ couldn’t be more clear proof. We have been waiting for this track to be released since the Portraits tour and the moment has finally come.

Scotty Sire – ‘MOOD SWINGS’

We may have already gushed about ‘MOOD SWINGS’ in a previous article, but we had to give the track some love here too! Scotty Sire will forever put us in the best mood.

Kacey Musgraves – ‘breadwinner’

We know that ’breadwinner’ is everyone’s go-to song right now, but hey, it’s for good reason! Kacey Musgraves did what she had to do with this one! We may be sitting at home broke, but we will be singing this song like we’re in a house in the Hollywood hills with a man chasing after our money.

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Sound of Kalima – ‘Ciggie Rainy’

Sound of Kalima have such a long career ahead of them, you’ll know exactly why we think that after listening to their September release ‘Ciggie Rainy.’ And they’ve got so much more heat on the way!!!

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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