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There’s ‘No Bad Days’ For Bastille!

There’s ‘No Bad Days’ For Bastille!

The future is nearer than you think. Would it be dark or bright? The only thing we are certain of is that there’ll be ‘No Bad Days’ with Bastille. Into a ‘Distorted Light Beam,’ we’ll explore a whole new pleasing musical universe. Give Me The Future is coming soon! We can’t contain our enthusiasm!

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The Perfect Road Trip

She said to me… Days like these you wanna get away / Close our eyes pretend we’re miles away / Hear the sound of my heart exploding,” Dan Smith renders on ‘Thelma + Louise,’ one of the album teasers. Honestly, if you haven’t seen the movie starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, go rent it! We relate so much to these inspirational lyrics that depict perfectly that thrilling drama! Take a seat in a convertible car! Put your sunglasses on, let your hair loose, and feel the wind come through while listening to this groovy breath of fresh air!

The Perks Of A Futuristic World

What is the concept of the upcoming album Give Me The Future? In a world where technology leads our way of life, the band created a virtual reality universe. The songs revolve around a fictional business named Future Inc. Cool, isn’t it? With new Futurescape technology owned by that corporation, we’re brought into different worlds, just as in a video game. We escape what’s happening for real on the planet just like in George Orwell’s 1984, Terry Gillam movie aesthetic, Blade Runner, and more. As with The Vaccines and their utopian Back In Love City, we live inside a dreamy dystopia on the British project’s new material. Bastille’s ‘No Bad Days’ is part of this Futurescape content that blows our mind!

‘No Bad Days’

This concept is so captivating that we already preordered Give Me The Future here. What about the new track? We are hypnotized! “You have no more bad days when you’re gone,” the chorus echoes on Bastille’s ‘No Bad Days.’ The band’s electric reverbs remind us of their label mates Glass Animals instrumental paths. It’s catchy and so comforting at the same time. The smooth vocals from Dan Smith go up in intensity and we are so hooked! What can we say about Ryan Tedder’s production? So stellar! Making his mark with the biggest pop stars like Adele and Taylor Swift, the producer kept the indie aesthetic of Bastille with a twist of bold pop texture that we love. Can you wait until February 4th for the full release? We aren’t ready, it’s going to implode! In the meantime, stream Bastille’s ‘No Bad Days’ here!

What would you change in your life to get a better future? What are your tips for having ‘No Bad Days?’ Share your ideas with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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