Holly Humberstone ‘Scarlett’ Rose Is Blossoming!

Holly Humberstone ‘Scarlett’ Rose Is Blossoming!

Do you have this little flame burning inside? Holly Humberstone will help you to find it back if you lost it! The singer lately performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and she made an explosive first impression in front of millions of Americans! Holly Humberstone’s ‘Scarlett’ enlightens our mood while waiting for her sophomore EP this November!

Holly Humberstone
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The Emotions Are Only Yours!

“I said, “Darlin’, will we go the distance?” “As I stood there, pouring my heart out with you just completely unfazed/And you said, “Scarlett, I don’t need to be responsible for everything you’re feeling,the British singer croons with such energy in the guitar-fuelled chorus. In ‘Scarlett,’ Holly Humberstone is questioning our individuality and our emotions towards how people can perceive us. The celestial electric guitar melodies shine and make beautiful hooks that melt perfectly with her voice. Co-produced with Rob Milton, who also worked with one of our faves Finn Askew, the track is showcasing the various talents of Holly Humberstone. She can bring the soulful ballads into sweet, energetic pieces!

Holly Humberstone
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Breaking America?

While waiting for her new record, she started to break the US audience with her sublime performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Holly Humberstone’s ‘Scarlett’ is a powerful live treasure, and she delivered the notes so naturally! She does witchcraft with our emotions while playing the chords like no other on her guitar. Along with Olivia DeanMaisie Peters, and lots of new emerging figures of the industry, Holly Humberstone owns the stage with her majestic presence! She embarks on a sold-out UK tour, and she’s back in the US supporting girl in red next March! Get all the details about the tour and be quick to buy your tickets here!

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