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Home Sweet Home Alone Reimagines The Beloved Comic Holiday Movie

Home Sweet Home Alone Reimagines The Beloved Comic Holiday Movie

Home Sweet Home Alone

Shall we go back to Home Sweet Home Alone? Or hang on, is it just Home Alone? Keep reading below to find out. 

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It seems like our favorite holiday of the year, Christmas, has arrived earlier this year. Disney+ has released the official trailer for all-new adventure comedy, Home Sweet Home Alone, a reboot of the classic holiday film from 1990, Home Alone. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Home Alone is the most well-known and loved Christmas movie of all time. We mean, it has won fans all around the globe. 

Image Source: Archie Yates as Max in HOME SWEET HOME ALONE/Philippe Bosse via 20th Century Studios

We have gotten a peek at the trailer for Home Sweet Home Alone, an upcoming Christmas comedy movie, and it looks sweet, humorous, and intriguing. The plot revolves around 10-year-old Max Mercer (played by actor Archie Yates), who must fight off the inexperienced robbery team of Pam (played by Ellie Kemper) and Jeff (played by Rob Delaney) to protect his home. During an ill-planned trip to Tokyo, Japan, a large family finds themselves in knots ahead of a holiday, only to discover they have accidentally left one child behind. The father and mother scramble to return to their home, leaving the boy to fend for himself – a danger exacerbated by two sly burglars picking his home to rob. Following a series of hilarious events that ensue, the abandoned boy rigs his household items to do maximum damage to the robbers. However, despite the chaos, Max realizes that no place is like home sweet home.

Watch the trailer below!

There is no doubt that this forthcoming movie, set to release exclusively on Disney+ streaming services on November 12, 2021, will unleash comedic mayhem this holiday season. The new trailer, though, looks like a shot-by-shot reimagining of an original classic that already works well. Fans of Home Alone can easily see the similarities in the trailer and storyline between the two movies. Both movies have the same character types and plots. Anyone who has seen the original 1990 version of Home Alone will instantly recognize it. Home Alone is a classic comedy-adventure that is one of the most-watched holiday movies and loved by every generation, so you best believe we’ll be adding Home Sweet Home Alone to our must-see Christmas movie list for this year too! We are sure to have a blast binge-watching and celebrating our favorite holiday.

We will wait to see what twists, turns, and secret plot points the movie has in store for us before jumping to any more conclusions. The trailer, however, suggests it will honor the original screenplay by John Hughes starring Macaulay Culkin. It will feature a few throwback cameos that will bring back memories- from chugging junk food and pizzas to forgetting the kid during an ill-planned trip and setting up elaborate traps to beat the robbers. Our curiosity is piqued to see some new adventures, hilarious mishaps, and unexpected twists.

Additionally, we will be celebrating Disney+ Day with the release of this hilarious movie. A global celebration will take place on Friday, November 12. New content releases, fan experiences, exclusive offers, and other festivities will be part of the festivities. Would you like to join us in some fun? Home Sweet Home Alone will premiere on November 12, 2021, and will be exclusively streaming on the Disney+ online streaming platform. 

Directed by: Dan Mazer
Screenplay by: Mikey Day & Streeter Seidell
Starring: Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Archie Yates, Aisling Bea, Kenan Thompson, Tim Simons, Pete Holmes, Devin Ratray, Ally Maki, and Chris Parnell.

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Featured Image Source: Home Sweet Home Alone by Philippe Bosse via 20th Century Studios.

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