Jack Harlow’s Humble Brag Entails Five Hometown Shows After a #1 Song

Jack Harlow’s Humble Brag Entails Five Hometown Shows After a #1 Song

Louisville, Kentucky is in for a week full of unmatched rhythm and well-crafted setlists courtesy of Jack Harlow and his five newly announced hometown shows. There’s something to say about an artist that achieves their first official number one single and proceeds to immediately put together five shows in the town they grew up in. ‘Industry Baby,’ the Lil Nas X song that Jack features on, soared him to new heights, surpassing the expectations of those that thought he peaked during the viral wave of ‘What’s Poppin” last year. The song is Jack’s first number one on the Billboard Hot 100!

image source: @jackharlow via Twitter

To get a sense of just how jam-packed of a year it’s been for Harlow, let’s break down just a few accomplishments. This year saw him at his first VMAs and BET award shows, and in the midst of all that, a sold-out American headlining tour. He attended his first Met Gala and got put on the cover of Complex magazine, featured on his idol Eminem‘s track ‘Killer,’ performed on NPR‘s Tiny Desk, and got a gig playing Saturday Night Live.

And despite all this, here he is paying homage to his roots. While others who shoot to the top sometimes fall victim to the fame spiral and get lost in the glamour, Jack Harlow instead announces No Place Like Home.

December 14 – Palace Theater

December 15 – Headliners

December 16 – Zanzabar

December 17 – Mercury Ballroom

December 18 – Paristown Hall

Pre-sale tickets go live October 20th and general starts this Friday the 22nd!

Image Source: @jackharlow via Twitter

And it’s only up from here for Jack. It seems that the higher he goes, the more his feet stay firmly planted on Louisville, Kentucky’s ground. That kind of humble nature within such an ego-flattering industry is refreshing to say the least. Recently he’s made a big deal of donating to five local Louisville organizations, stating on Instagram…

“I’ve been blessed enough to build a platform during this journey & it’s become clear to me that giving back to the town that raised me is now one of my responsibilities.”

He encourages fans to look into the charities and consider donating themselves. The organizations include: The Center for Women and Families, The Louisville Urban League, The Academy of Music Production Education and Development, Grace James Academy, and Metro United Way. More information about the charities is on Jack’s Instagram!

Are you showing up to any of Jack Harlow’s hometown shows? Let us know over on Twitter @thehoneypop or in the comments below!


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