Of Mice & Men ‘Fighting Gravity’ With A Bang!

Of Mice & Men ‘Fighting Gravity’ With A Bang!

Do you sometimes feel the world would stumble upon your feet? Is the atmosphere is too heavy around you? Of Mice And Men’s ‘Fighting Gravity’ invites you to let go and swim through your mind. What’s coming up for the Californian rockers? Get a taste of it with the shiny new single. Counting till Christmas, the new album Echo will probably fall near under many trees this year!

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Infinite Possibilities

Get ready to roar with Of Mice And Men ‘Fighting Gravity!’ Kicking in with a cosmic intro, the guitars rise in a loud and catchy chaotic piece of hard rock. “If everything is where it’s supposed to be, Then why does space just feel so incomplete? If everything is made to fall into place, Why am I always fighting gravity?”Aaron Pauley blasts with no mercy on the new song. In the likes of Bring Me The Horizon metallic strings, Of Mice & Men are fearless on the new track. Life is short and we have to learn that some parts of it aren’t easy to control. Enjoy the small bits you can appreciate. Grow through the difficulties with infinite possibilities. The ying and the yang, the dark and the light intertwine with each other to make our whole world.

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The Birds Can Fly!

Did you wonder how the birds can fly? They’re ‘Fighting Gravity’ like the hardcore melodic band. In the smashing video directed by Frankie Nasso, they have a predominant place. “Tossing and turning endlessly/In perpetual motion,” they revolve around the cathartic dark lyrics of the song. Of Mice & Men ‘Fighting Gravity’ is part of a Timeless, Bloom and Ad Finitum world. It’s a never-ending circle where we try to cope with uncontrollable feelings. The band combined their two previous EPs and a new one to form that Echo masterpiece where atmospheric melodies meets hardcore riffs.

Do you hear the Echo? Preorder the album and stream Of Mice & Men ‘Fighting Gravity’ here. Tell us what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Sharptone Records

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