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Dean Lewis’ ’Looks Like Me’ Is Your New Anthem!

Dean Lewis’ ’Looks Like Me’ Is Your New Anthem!

How did you cope with your last breakup? Was it hard for you to be dumped? For our Aussie heartthrob, Dean Lewis, his new single ‘Looks Like Me’ is inspired by a sad experience. Long-distance relationships aren’t easy, but when your loved one dumped you for a person similar to you, it hurts so bad. Cry out loud with us with the new song!

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These Charming Heartbreaks!

Maybe I’m just not good enough at all to feel your love” Dean Lewis’ ‘Looks Like Me’ chorus goes with harmonious cries. The Ed Sheeran infused melodic guitar stirs our soul until it hurts. When you think you love someone, you sometimes realize you are wrong. “I need someone who loves me/None of it come easily,” he chants along with his upbeat folk guitar sounds. Charged with so many emotions, we can soothe our broken hearts and it ‘Stitches’ our mindboggling wounds with the Shawn Mendes-like aesthetic we all fell in love with. Dean Lewis is another charming man that let us loose only with his guitar playing.

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It was just one of those relationships that never quite came together – no matter how much I wanted it to. One night on the phone, we were living in different cities, she told me she was hanging with a guy who looked like me. So you’d rather be with someone who looks like me – than the “actual me!

Dean Lewis explains about the inspiration behind his new song.

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A Beautiful Escape!

With more than 5.6 billion streams and 3.1M records selling worldwide, Dean Lewis ‘Looks Like Me’ is another beautiful gem to add to our playlists. The sadness of the lyrics flies away with the cheerful tempo for a beautiful escape. Written with the help of Jake Torrey, who previously worked with John Legend and Monsta X, we find our comfort in the delicate but joyful pop beats. The chorus is perfect for an outdoor festival sing-along and is so infectious! We can’t wait to hear it live at some point because it’s a crowd leveler for sure! Stream ‘Looks Like Me’ here.

Did you ever feel crushed when you had doubts about your relationships? How would you react if your loved one would leave you for someone identical to you? The track lets us know that we are not alone in these situations. Despite the excuses, the emotions explode and we can’t help it! Share your thoughts on Dean Lewis’ ‘Looks Like Me’ with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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