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Legends Supporting Legends: Artists Who Stan Olivia Rodrigo

Legends Supporting Legends: Artists Who Stan Olivia Rodrigo

Welcome to Legends Supporting Legends! Where we highlight an amazing artist and list other just as talented people, who admire them just as much as we do. Which obviously gets us fans excited and we all just are freaking out collectively! In this post we’re highlighting the magnificent Olivia Rodrigo and artists who feel the same as we do about her.

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Olivia has been on top of her game, and the charts, when it comes to creating brilliant and relatable music. Having made her start as a Disney star, she is now experiencing worldwide stardom as an artist at only 18 years old. It’s no wonder she has so many icons admiring her, she’s incredible, and she hasn’t even toured yet!

Taylor Swift

Who better to start with than the queen and icon herself, Taylor Swift? Not only is she our fave, but she’s Olivia’s too! It all dates back to when ‘Drivers License’ was first blowing up, Taylor posted about how much she loved it —sending Olivia and all of us into a mess of excitement. Her love for Olivia was confirmed even further when she followed Olivia and commented on a post saying that she was “really proud” of her. Us too, Taylor, us too. She also showed her love for Olivia by sending her gifts such as merch, crafts, and exclusive advanced listens to re-records. We can only imagine the thrill Olivia felt knowing one of her idols liked her music!

Conan Gray

Moving on, the next person on the list is Conan Gray, who is also a massive Swiftie and is entirely on the Olivia train. Through a mutual love for Taylor and being able to write beautiful love songs, they have grown a great friendship. Anytime Olivia is doing something extraordinary, you’ll be sure to see Conan supporting her in every way he can. This includes him posting about her on social media and being a part of the small group of friends that Olivia took to her SOUR Prom back in June!

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is a queen and has never had an issue uplifting other great artists, and Olivia is one of them. She, on multiple occasions, has gone on to Instagram stories to share her love for Olivia. Such as her posting about Sour or praising her SNL performance. It’s safe to say Miss Cabello is a fan. Not only has she posted about Olivia she’s covered her as well! Just last month, Camila was at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and decided to cover ‘good 4 u’ with her own little twist by singing it as if it was a Latin Cumbia. Any replication of art is a colossal compliment, so good 4 Olivia!

Screen Caps from Instagram Camila Cabello’s Story

Ed Sheeran

Another one of the greats, Ed Sheeran is known for writing some of the most beautiful music ever. So a compliment from him is worth a lot, and Olivia got that and more. When asked by SiriusXM if there was a song that he liked that stuck out to him, Ed, without skipping a beat, answered “‘Driver’s License,’ Olivia Rodrigo.” He then goes on to talk about how, when he found out she was only 17, he was stunned. As that’s how old he was when he started and said he wasn’t writing anything as good as her at that age. This isn’t the only time he’s praised her interviews, and as if that wasn’t enough, he is also friends with her idol and our first on this list – Taylor Swift, so it’s safe to say she’s got some big admirers.

Nick Jonas

When talking to Zane Lowe, Nick spent a good portion congratulating and praising Olivia on her song ‘driver’s license,’ and said she and what she’s doing is “good for the music business in general.” He says this specifically when talking about how her songs hit every audience and how talented she is to have made everyone feel something through her writing. Nick also praises the song ‘All I Want,’ which she wrote for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and even says at first he didn’t even realize it was her. He stated that he thought they were both great songs and was amazed she’s achieved so much at just 18!


From one talented songwriter to another, Halsey has given their fair share of praise to Olivia online, one time specifically while doing her makeup on live. She asked fans what music they had been listening to before talking about how much they loved Driver’s License saying, “I love seeing honest, authentic songwriting coming from young women; it’s the coolest thing in the world.” Actions speak louder than words with Halsey as they also sent Olivia a beautifully decorated cake to congratulate her on her big hit! We can only imagine how Olivia felt knowing she has Halsey rooting for her. 

Niall Horan

You know you’ve made it big when you catch the attention of a 1D member. So the fact that the Niall Horan has also praised Olivia Rodrigo’s work means she’s doing everything right. In an interview with Big Top 40, Olivia revealed that Niall has given her some advice on the industry and that he reached out to her. We’d be excited, too, if Niall chose to talk to us and provide us with advice on literally anything. Olivia also said she was a Directioner back in the day (moment of silence for that 18-month break) and even embarrassingly admitted to writing some fanfiction. In other words, she’s just like us, and we’re happy someone is out there living our 1D dreams.

Cardi B

Cardi B absolutely adores Olivia. Which is great considering she has proclaimed her love for Cardi numerous times in different interviews. And every time, Cardi always makes sure that Olivia’s love was reciprocated. They’ve even had cute little exchanges on Twitter! Like when Cardi joked that she would write a song about not having a license because she wanted to get McDonald’s and couldn’t cause she had no one to take her. Which prompted Olivia to reply saying she’d take her. We hope that McDonald’s run truly happened and, if not, hope it happens soon, because that is iconic! 

Lil Nas X

Olivia and Lil Nas X have both been referred to as the face of the new age of pop centered around Gen Z, so it’s no surprise they have formed a nice friendship. And even though their music has competed with one another on charts, they are nothing but supportive to one another. Lil Nas X even playfully apologized to Olivia when someone made a mashup of his ‘That’s what I Want’ and her ‘good 4 u.’ They even got a fun selfie at the VMAs!

Do you love Olivia just as much as these legends? Are there more Legends we didn’t name? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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