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PinkPantheress’ to hell with it Debuts With Spooktacular Visuals To Match

PinkPantheress’ to hell with it Debuts With Spooktacular Visuals To Match

Our girl PinkPantheress is back with her debut mixtape, to hell with it! And for the record, the mixtape and visualizers are serving up some spooky vibes just in time for October.

To Hell With It Album Cover via Elektra Records/Parlophone Records
Image Source: to hell with it Album Cover via Elektra Records/Parlophone Records

If you’re just now hearing about PinkPantheress, don’t worry we got you because chances are if you’ve been on TikTok you’ve at least heard one of her songs! To keep things short, PinkPantheress is a 20- year-old college student from London, who likes to mix samples and create new, ear-catchy garage music she likes to call “new nostalgia.” One example of her work that might be something you’ve heard before is ‘Just for Me’ which has been used in around two million TikTok videos.

Now, if you’re a fan, you already know the songs PinkPantheress creates are so, so, so addicting to listen to! So, you bet To Hell With It does not have a single unskippable track in sight! Just look at that glorious tracklist:

1. ‘Pain’

2. ‘I Must Apologize’

3. ‘Last Valentines’

4. ‘Passion’

5. ‘Just for Me’

6. ‘Noticed I Cried’

7. ‘Reason’

8. ‘All My Friends Know’

9. ‘Nineteen’

10. ‘Break It Off’ (Bonus)

But, what’s even better about the mixtape are the visualizers for some of the songs, and trust us, they have that perfect spooky, scary vibe just in time for this Halloween season! Makes sense considering PinkPantheress is a horror fan, after all. So, let’s point out some of the imagery reminiscent of the horror genre in to hell with it!

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They’re Right Behind You In ‘Nineteen!’

Starting out with the visualizer for ‘Nineteen,’ we need you to do us a favor and check out that top window of the house behind PinkPantheress. You see something there? Nope, your eyes are not playing a trick on you, there is actually a person there. Even creepier is that they disappear and reappear throughout the song.  Look for yourself if you don’t believe us!

The whole “they’re right behind you” and “they’re in the house” trope is a very popular setup in horror movies like Scream and When a Stranger Calls. It’s a classic way to build paranoia, both in the story and the viewer. After all, is there someone behind you? Regardless, the creepy figure in the window is a nice nod to the horror genre, especially since it matches up well with the harrowing melody in the song.

Image Source: Scream (1996) via Giphy)
Image Source: Scream (1996) via Giphy)

This Ominous House Picture Looks Eerily Familiar in ‘Reason’

Another nod to classic horror in To Hell With It comes from the visual in ‘Reason’ with PinkPantheress’ face being super zoned up while there is a house in the background. If this picture looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve seen this shot being used before plenty of times in anything horror-related. 

See Also

The iconic technique for this filming technique is called deep focus, and it’s been used way back with its most popular instance being the 1941 drama movie, Citizen Kane. To be honest, the deep focus shot alone gives off this uncomfortable type closeness, so it’s no wonder when the split-focus diopter lens came around to enhance the effect even more, horror filmmakers took a hold of it! In our humble opinion, the best examples of this type of shot can be seen in the horror movies of Hitchcock’s The Birds and Jordan Peele’s US.

Image Source: Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds' (1963) from Robert Burks via
Image Source: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963) from Robert Burks via
Image Source: Jordan Peele's 'US' (2019) via
Image Source: Jordan Peele’s US (2019) via

The Gorgeous Haunted Mansion In ‘Noticed I Cried’

We are loving all these little details in PinkPantheress’ to hell with it visualizers with ‘Noticed I Cried’ being our favorite! From the misty shadows of ghosts passing by to how the chandelier lights are flickering every so slightly, this interior is giving us a much more romantic, gothic aesthetic than the other visuals. And PinkPantheress looks absolutely beautiful in that outfit!

Haunted houses are, of course, the most popular setting next to cabins and old, abandoned hospitals. Both The Amityville Horror films, Poltergeist, and even the Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House are some great examples of bone-chilling haunted houses that you do not want to stay in once it turns nightfall (or even day for that matter). However, the haunted mansion in ‘Noticed I Cried’ is actually giving us playful haunted. Like Disney’s The Haunted Mansion film haunted.

If you haven’t listened to PinkPantheress’ to hell with it, then what are you doing? Give it a listen here and if you are especially a fan of all things scary make sure to check out the rest of her mixtape’s visualizers on her YouTube!

See any other horror references in her videos? Or maybe you just want to fan out about the new music in to hell with it? Either way, we are down to talk with you over at our Twitter @TheHoneyPop and Instagram!

If you want to hear about new music, we gotchu!


Featured Image Source: Brent McKeever

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