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We’re ‘Weightless’ After Listening To Eden Hunter’s Debut Single

We’re ‘Weightless’ After Listening To Eden Hunter’s Debut Single

Make way for the UK’s pop princess in the making! Eden Hunter has finally dropped her much-awaited debut single ‘Weightless,’ plummeting us into an ethereal dreamland. We’ve anticipated for years, but our queen has made it totally worth the wait. Listen to ‘Weightless’ here!

Released independently via AWAL, ‘Weightless’ is a chill, dreamy, minimal synth-pop number and the first in a series of upcoming singles officially marking the beginning of Eden’s era in the UK music scene. This stunning ode to friendship and Eden’s airy vocals have us obsessed, and we already know we will be falling in love with her every day henceforth! We are grooving with every beat and have the lyrics of ‘Weightless’ engraved in our heads by now (and we’re not even complaining)!

We Are Rooting For Eden Hunter!

Listening to ‘Weightless’ instantly lifted our moods and cradled us in a bubble of positivity, freedom, and peace. Eden has worked tirelessly to put herself out there over the last few years, and we’re so thrilled for her to be finally stepping out. 

‘Weightless’ is the absence of pressure and a feeling of freedom. I wrote it at a vulnerable time in my life. I am always someone who has had a plan and knows what is coming next, but I felt at a really awkward in-between. I couldn’t seem to find a balance in anything, and when I explained it to my friend Tom, he gave me the biggest cuddle and held me, and it made me feel safe and ‘weightless.’ I felt like I was looking for clarity in something that I didn’t realize was as simple as a hug.

Eden Hunter on ‘Weightless’

We celebrate authentic and raw music here at THP, and we’re in love with how Eden chooses to pen down her real experiences in the form of lyrics. With ‘Weightless,’ she has uplifted the sheer beauty of friendships and platonic relationships.

My songs have really genuine raw messages. None of my music I write for my own artist project is about being in love. It’s about friendship, hardship, happiness, drive, intuition. I can write about being loved and loving someone, but being in love is something very different.

Eden Hunter

Eden Hunter Is Here To Defeat Stereotypes!

We stan the power of art in this house! Eden Hunter is not one to shy away from challenges. From conquering the industry’s stereotypes to rising like a young female phoenix amidst exceptional talents, Eden is the relentless queen you need to watch out for!

As a young female in the music industry, I have found it is really hard to be taken seriously. In such a straight, male-dominated industry, I think people find it hard to understand exactly what is going on because I’m not writing about feeling heartbroken.

Eden Hunter

Describing her style as “very costume inspired and influenced by androgynous and camp icons,” Eden attributes her main influences artistically and musically from Lady Gaga, Elton John, Freddie Mercury, and a lot more. Our pop princess has also been ingraining herself into LGBTQ+ culture, and rightfully so!

Most of my life, I never felt as though I slotted into a mould that I didn’t have an influence in making. In queer culture, there is no mould. People that aren’t afraid, people who know what feels right in their hearts, and that’s me.

Eden Hunter

In support of the Elton John AIDS Foundation, Eden also marked the launch of ‘Weightless’ with a headlining show at London’s Bush Hall in Shephard’s Bush on release day!

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There’s so much coming up from our special lass, and we know we will love ALL of it! What are your thoughts on ‘Weightless?’ Is Eden Hunter on your stan list yet? Tell us everything in the comments or hit us up on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of AWAL

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