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Get To Know Your New Favorite Girl Group Melladaze!

Get To Know Your New Favorite Girl Group Melladaze!

Can you believe it’s been a year since Little Mix: The Search? Time really does fly! And while only one group was able to win the chance to tour with the girls, we have been blessed with some amazing new talent to give our ears a real treat, including our new fave girl group, Melladaze!

Melladaze are a five-piece that was created by Little Mix under the girl dance group for the contest and though they finished the show as runners up, their best prize was the incredible bond and friendship they had created. The quintet chose to stick together following The Search and have spent the past year working hard, with no management or financial investment, collaborating with songwriters, producers and choreographers to perfect their look and sound. Did we mention all of it being in the midst of the pandemic and with the members split between Dublin, Ireland and South of England? What queens! We truly admire the grind.

Melladaze consists of Megan, Ellie, Lauren, Liv, and Aisli, five sassy and independent girls from England and Ireland that each wowed the judges and nation with their individual auditions on The Search last year before being brought together and fitting together like the perfect puzzle. Though it’s been a hot minute since the show’s ending, the girls have kept to keeping fans up-to-date on social media such as Instagram and TikTok, posting like your typical gen-z gals, and even scoring brand deals with Pretty Little Thing. Even before their debut single, we feel like we’ve known them forever! We get some serious gen-z meets Y2K vibes from our girls, full of girl-power, fun, fashion and fierceness. If you love Ariana Grande, Little Mix, Normani, and Olivia Rodrigo, we feel like Melladaze are the new group for you and your stan list.

Now the girls are ready to kick start their music career. They’ve just dropped their debut single ‘I H8 U,’ which is infused with modern-day pop meets R&B in a feelgood post-breakup anthem. Speaking about the song in a press release, Melladaze said: “We wanted to write about the realities of a breakup,” they say of the track. “You hate your ex, but you miss them too! We all go through stuff in our lives, and we wanted our fans to hear a song like this and feel uplifted! We’d been working to find the perfect song for our first release and we’d got a few contenders, but then we wrote this in one session and just knew it was the one.”

It’s still early days for Melladaze but we are super stoked to see what’s coming up for them and we truly believe they have the power to do be the next big thing.

‘I H8 U’ is out now

Are you loving Melladaze? What do you think of their debut single? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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