These FLETCHER Tracks Are A Must For Tour

These FLETCHER Tracks Are A Must For Tour

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably beyond hyped for the upcoming FLETCHER tour! Since the moment she announced her tour dates, we’ve been planning our dream setlist in our heads! So of course, we had to go through our chosen songs with you guys! FLETCHER is one of our favorite artists, so this was no easy feat!

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Image Source: Kristen Jan Wong
‘girls girls girls’

As FLETCHER’s newest track, ‘girls girls girls’ is pure pop perfection. And the queer representation we’re always looking for! We already know the energy during this track live is going to be unmatched!

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‘Undrunk’ is most definitely the FLETCHER song we’ve played the most, so dancing to it at a show is a no-brainer. The lyrics are so relatable, everyone has that person that exists most heavily while they’re in a drunk state of mind. It’s normal to regret that in the morning.


Bitter’ is the petty song of our damn dreams. It’s all about knowing how good someone had it with you. Knowing that they still think about you and that you live rent-free in their minds. We are ready to be screaming these lyrics with our friends as we celebrate our permanent place in our ex’s minds.

‘All Love’

“I hate the feeling, but it’s all love” is a heartbreaking line when you really think about it. ‘All Love’ is all about having to see the person you love moving on, and trying to be okay with that, but failing. We can only imagine that this song will hit the hardest at a New York show due to all the lyrical references.

‘About You’

you ruined new york city for me is an EP all about love and the loss of said love, ‘About You’ is one of the more sad tracks on the record. You get into the emotion of the track heavily, sometimes we even cry. Nothing hits better than a good cry at a concert.

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We would love to hear from you! What FLETCHER song is a must-hear for you on tour? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Kristen Jan Wong and Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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