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8 ATEEZ B-Sides You Should Know

8 ATEEZ B-Sides You Should Know

Ever since ATEEZ debuted, they’ve had some of the most memorable comebacks we at THP have ever seen! This superstar boy group manages to outdo themselves every time. And it’s not just their songs and albums. It’s their choreography, live performances, and music videos too.

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Best ATEEZ B-sides
Left to right: Seonghwa, Mingi, Jongho, San, Hongjoong, Yeosang, Yunho, Wooyoung (Image Source: KQ Entertainment)

ATEEZ’s title tracks always blow us away, but can we talk about their b-side tracks? Here are eight ATEEZ b-sides you should know, from their debut all the way to their latest comeback!

‘Stay’ (Treasure EP. 1: All to Zero)

You already know we had to start with a song from ATEEZ’s debut mini-album, released in October 2018. ‘Stay’ is a romantic pop song about spending time with the one you love. It’s when you don’t want them to leave your side, but you know that they’ll always be in your mind. We just love how sweet their lyrics are!

‘Promise’ (Treasure EP. 2: Zero to One)

‘Promise’ is from the group’s second mini-album, which was released in January 2019. It’s a dance-pop song about making promises between lovers. ATEEZ even danced to ‘Promise’ in popular tourist spots in Moscow! And fans were so surprised when ATEEZ released this fun performance video.

‘Aurora’ (Treasure EP. 3: One to All)

One of our comfort songs by ATEEZ is ‘Aurora,’ which was released in their third mini-album in June 2019. ‘Aurora’ is about being with someone who lights up your world in every sense. Someone who shines in the darkness, an ‘Aurora.’ And knowing that the group’s leader Hongjoong wrote the lyrics and produced the song makes this track even more meaningful.

‘Mist’ (Treasure EP. Fin: All to Action)

‘Mist’ is one of ATEEZ’s best b-side tracks hands down. It was released in the group’s first studio album in October 2019. It’s an emotional song about feeling lost without a certain someone by your side. Their vocals and rap verses are absolutely beautiful. And the entire chorus moves us to tears. This is the song to blast on a rainy day (or a misty one).

‘Precious’ (Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer)

When you first listen to ‘Precious,’ you might hear a familiar intro. That’s because this b-track uses parts of ‘Treasure,’ a lead single in ATEEZ’s debut EP. And an overture, or prelude, of ‘Precious’ was featured on their full-length album. It’s a hip-hop song about being hypnotized and taken to another world. You don’t know what’s real and what’s a dream.

‘Good Lil Boy’ (Zero: Fever Part.1)

Call us biased, but we feel like all of ATEEZ’s b-side tracks would make great title tracks. ‘Good Lil Boy’ is an empowering song about moving forward and living your life the way you want. ATEEZ tells us (and our younger selves) not to be afraid or compare our story to another’s. The world is already yours. So this song belongs in your gym or motivational playlist for sure.

‘Take Me Home’ (Zero: Fever Part. 2)

With a Korean and an English version, ‘Take Me Home‘ is another one of our favorite ATEEZ B-sides. It’s about being trapped and wanting to go home. So when you can’t seem to find your way, reach out to others for help. The song is incredibly catchy, and the saxophone solo at the end really does it for us.

‘Rocky’ (Zero: Fever Part. 3)

If you need a song to get you out of bed and take on the day, listen to ‘Rocky.’ This fierce b-side is about staying determined and never giving up in a fight. Their fighting spirit will never go away, so they will rise to the top and win. And yes, this song was inspired by the Rocky movie franchise.

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We think it’s safe to say ATEEZ have no bad songs in their entire discography. And they have a song for every mood. Any of their b-sides could easily be title tracks because they’re that good! These boys never fail to impress us with their relatable lyrics, amazing vocals, and high-quality music production.

ATEEZ B-side group photo for latest comeback
Image Source: ATEEZ via Twitter

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Featured Image Source: KQ Entertainment

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