Monsta X Reveal New Album The Dreaming

Monsta X Reveal New Album The Dreaming

We could make some lame joke about how we are dreaming, but we’re not! Monsta X are coming back, and we don’t think we are ready for it! The new album has been announced through the group’s social media.

Second English Album

The Dreaming is to be release on December 10th, with pre-order already kicking off on October 22nd. As usual, it will be a collaboration between Intertwine (BMG) and Starship Entertainment. This will also be Monsta X’s 2nd English album following All About Luv. In addition, it has already been introduced with the single ‘One Day,’ which hit TOP 40 and was highly acclaimed. The Dreaming will count with 10 full original songs.

Monsta X, The Dreaming
Monsta X The Dreaming, Source: STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT & Intertwine (BMG)

We Will Be Seeing A Lot Of Monsta X!

Earlier this week, Starship Entertainment had already confirmed the group’s new Korean comeback to be released at the end of November. Monsta X will have a busy schedule, and Monbebe’s hearts will have to keep up because it seems like these boys are not stopping anytime soon.

Monsta X already have Christmas promotions set in America, with a number of iHeartRadio Jingle Ball performances in Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, GA, and Miami, FL. The world-wide known group will surely deliver amazing performances and content.

Really, Monsta X never disappoint and we are all just waiting to see these boys back on stage once again! And all this is just a warm up for their upcoming Headline Tour which kicks off January 29, 2022 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and concludes at the Forum in Los Angeles, CA on February 27, 2022.

Are your hearts prepared for all this Monsta X? Come on, let’s gush about and prepare ourselves together at @TheHoneyPop or comment down below how excited you are for all this new content!

Dreaming of K-Pop? Here’s your Dreamland!


Featured Image Source:  STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT & Intertwine (BMG)

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1 month ago

We’re going to Jingle Ball and 2 tour stops ! So excited!!

1 month ago

We’re going to Jingle Ball and 2 tour stops. We miss MX so much !!

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