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8 Stray Kids Songs To Prove How Versatile Lee Know’s Voice Is

8 Stray Kids Songs To Prove How Versatile Lee Know’s Voice Is

It’s no mystery that Lee Know is an incredible dancer, being one of the main dancers of Stray Kids, and with choreography like they do, it’s already such a huge role in the group. However, as impressive as his dance skills and stage presence are, Lee Know is also an all-rounder.

That’s to say that his vocals and his skills as a singer are also outstanding. He has an incredible and very distinctive voice that make Stray Kids’ songs even more special and unique. Not only that, but he has an incredibly versatile voice. Here are some songs that show different sides to Lee Know’s amazing voice.

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‘Blueprint’ (GO LIVE, 2020)

Let’s start this list with a song that proves how many layers there are to Lee Know’s voice: ‘Blueprint.’ The happy summer song shows many sides to his voice: his lower register in the first verse, and his rapping skills and falsetto in the second verse. His rap in this one, compared to other songs, is a more soft and almost cute rap. The back and forth between him and I.N during the second pre-chorus is simply beautiful. He showcased so many different sides to his voice in ‘Blueprint.’ In other words, he lowkey owns this song.

‘Levanter’ (Clé: LEVANTER, 2019)

If there’s one thing to talk about when it comes to Lee Know’s voice: it’s his falsetto. ‘Levanter’ is a masterpiece in so many ways. The 2019 release is truly a gem in Stray Kids’ discography. It’s one of their title tracks that focus more on the vocals as it’s a more emotional song, and the way Lee Know shone in this song is unforgettable. His falsettos are always so beautiful and add so much to the song – ‘Levanter’ is the perfect example of it, as it adds so many more layers to the song. With just a couple of lines, Lee Know’s voice is by far one of the many highlights of this beautiful song.

‘Wow’ (IN LIFE, 2020)

We already talked about his lower register, and ‘Wow‘ is the perfect example of this side of his voice. The Danceracha sub-unit song not only shows and explores more of that side of his voice, but the song also has a different vibe than most songs in Stray Kids’ discography. Yet, Lee Know pulled off the more sexy concept perfectly, not only with the performance but also when it comes to the vocals.

‘Surfin” (NOEASY, 2021)

And talking about sub-units, of course, we couldn’t forget the latest one: ‘Surfin’.’ In this unit, Lee Know showed the more cute side of his voice and he totally owned the summer concept. One thing about Lee Know’s voice is that just as it can sound very harsh, it can also sound very soft. No better voice could’ve fitted this song and concept. Especially in the bridge, Lee Know ate it in the vocals.

‘Chronosaurus’ (Clé 1: MIROH, 2019)

A whole other side of Lee Know’s voice shines in ‘Chronosaurus.’ In ‘Surfin” we find the softer and cuter side of his voice, while in the 2019 b-side, we find the more aggressive, harsh and striking side of his voice. The powerful chest voice we hear from him in the chorus is one thing, but it’s also the way he starts the second verse that makes this song by far one of Stray Kids’ best songs. ‘Chronosaurus’ is also proof of how he’s capable of adapting his voice to whatever concept and vibe. Simply the power he shows through his vocals in this song is amazing, and it truly puts him up there as a vocalist.

‘Secret Secret’ (NOEASY, 2021)

Lee Know’s powerful vocals always shine through in ‘Secret Secret,’ but in a very different way than in ‘Chronosaurus.’ The NOEASY b-side is a very personal and sad song full of emotions. Lee Know‘s voice adds so much to the chorus. His voice truly conveys perfectly, the deep feelings that the song carries. ‘Secret Secret’ shows how impactful and powerful Lee Know’s chest voice can be, and how much passion he puts into his singing as well. A song like this one is not easy to sing.

‘Boxer’ (Clé 1: MIROH, 2019)

‘Boxer’ is one of those songs in Stray Kids discography that really put a light on Lee Know. There’s truly so much that can be said about this song and Lee Know – from his lines to the performance, he serves in this song. The opening rap is not only one of his most iconic lines ever, but it’s also a perfect sample of what Lee Know can do when he raps. His tone is so unique when it comes to vocals and rapping. And of course, the energy and attitude he puts into that chorus is simply unmatched.

‘Thunderous’ (NOEASY, 2021)

We couldn’t possibly talk about Stray Kids songs that show Lee Know’s versatile vocals without including ‘Thunderous.’ Their latest comeback, like ‘Blueprint,’ shows so many different sides of Lee Know’s voice. For one, it’s no wonder he sings the killing point of the song introducing the drop. He also shows his more soft register in the second verse. Let’s not even get into the power and energy he puts into that rap in the bridge – this was by far one of the many highlights of this comeback. In one song, Lee Know can cover so much, killing points and softer parts. His unique tone makes Stray Kids songs what they are, and there’s nothing his voice doesn’t fit by how versatile it is. ‘Thunderous’ is the perfect proof of it.

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