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The Bees Knees Radar Picks This Week’s Gems!

The Bees Knees Radar Picks This Week’s Gems!

The end of the year is coming soon but it’s still busy at The Honey POP headquarters. The Bees Knees radar digs to find some amazing masterpieces for your listening pleasure. The swaggy, groovy songs and cosmic pop inspirations are our definite escape!

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JORDY – Mind Games

What did you plan on November 5th? We have something for you! The Bees Knees radar is really looking forward JORDY’s Mind Games album. Patiently waiting, the ‘Long Distance’ is getting closer each day. JORDY’s inspirations from pop-punk to tasty Julia Michaels-infused delicacies push us in a beautiful kaleidoscope of melodies. “I’ll take the long distance/Don’t care where you’re living/If you’re something worth missing/Then it’s alright, I don’t mind,” he sings in the chorus of his latest single ‘Long Distance’ and we are falling more and more in love. If it is worth it, go for it. With grooves like Sam Smith, the singer-songwriter enlighten our days. What can we expect from the album? Full of surprises! Presave Mind Games here.

Gia Lily – ‘Signs’

Always dreamt of working with the musicians you love as a fan? Gia Lily asks for your collaboration on TikTok! While waiting for her next poetic track, let’s discover ‘Signs’ on The Bees Knees radar. When someone is still falling for you even after a break-up, keep your head high and fierce. “And did you buy hеr tulips too?/Was I just not enough for you?/So sorry, I guess you didn’t feel it too,” she sings on brilliant up-tempo notes. You’ll fall in love with the synth-pop vibes and the dreamy beats. There are obvious ‘Signs’ that Gia Lily will get out of her superstar cocoon soon. She sounds so promising with her vocals and suave pop sounds. Her hooks are captivating and we love the electronic space pop universe she floats around. Stream ‘Signs’ here.

Joy Crookes – ‘Trouble’

I’m Villanelle to your Sandra Oh/It’s only for the drama, I know,” Joy Crookes charms us like a strong Joan Of Arc. Feel Joy Crookes’ music through your Skin. Her R’n’B pop is close to the influences from Arlo Parks and Michael Kiwanuka and it’s full of good soul beats, especially on ‘Trouble.’ Turn back time and take your Doctor Who’s TARDIS to the Middle Ages where Joy Crookes is the powerful princess. She wields the swords without fear! Why is Joy Crookes is on The Bees Knees’ radar this week? She plays her cards in the best way, with her melodic tantrums through complicated love stories. Through the breathtaking sounds, she fights heart and soul for her conviction! Will we get in ‘Trouble’ for liking it? We don’t mind! Let’s groove! Stream the album here.

Hayley Sales – ‘Lifeguard’

Guess we all need a sweet kind of ‘Lifeguard’ when we cope with a huge break-up. Singer-songwriter Hayley Sales keeps herself afloat with her thought-provoking and poignant melodies on her latest single. Hearing her voice is like an Instinct-ful fatal attraction. This is a well-kept secret but Hayley co-penned track, ‘NEVER BEFORE’ with the one and only Sharon Stone. We’re indeed addicted to the thumping cymbals that crush the rhythmic pianos in anthemic emotional lines. ‘Lifeguard’ blends Alice Merton‘s powerhouse pop with the silky poetic inspirations from Lana Del Rey. Stream the song here!

Isaiah Rashad – ‘THIB’

Who’s that creeping in my window? Who’s, who’s that?/Who’s that f*cking with my conscience? I was,” raps Tennessee-born Isaiah Rashad in his stunning new album title track ‘THIB.’ Lost in the sky, he lurks at his neighbourhood quickly after he was shaken up by an earthquake. His metaphoric visuals play along with our minds. Trippy and surfing through the swaggy vibes of the hip-hop aesthetic, the video depicts the struggles of real life. How do people influence us? How could we know if it’s real or only a dream? Just follow the music and create your own universe. Isaiah Rashad’s low-key tones catch our attention over and over. Keep your head up with the rhymes on your fav music platform here!

Life Elsewhere – ‘So Bad’

If there is a song we can’t get over this week, it’s the electronic pop duet Life Elsewhere’s ‘So Bad!’ We drink the lyrics like a good sip of wine or vodka. Do you miss the club vibes of The Chemical Brothers or Daft Punk? You’ll love the infectious and robotic disco-pop vibes. Put your jacket on and forget the one you love ‘So Bad.’ Have fun till the night ends and dance to the sultry futuristic beats. What about the duo’s versatility? It came to our attention when we discovered ‘2K2K,’ one of their viral songs. A little bit more downtempo, the mesmerizing basslines keep us moving. Life Elsewhere earns its place on The Bees Knees radar easily this week! Be a baddie and stream the song non-stop here!

Purple Disco Machine – ‘Opposite Of Crazy’

Who is Purple Disco Machine? You may have heard the name lately since they remixed the likes of Lady Gaga and alt-rockers Royal Blood. Always creating a whole new world, they transport us to a sweet candy space trip with Bloom Twins on ‘Opposite of Crazy.’ “But the opposite of crazy/Is still crazy, crazy/Can’t smile when I wanna cry/I’m not a Gemini,” the chorus goes, completely stuck like a never-ending circle in our minds. Have you ever thought you’d solved the problem but it kept going? That’s exactly the story Purple Disco Machine tells us. Along with their electro bops, we can’t get enough of the virtuoso synth-pop intertwined with cowbell sounds. The universe may drive us nuts, but we’ll always find a beat to keep us alive! Dance along with Purple Disco Machine and Bloom Twins coolest collab of the year here!

Amos Lee – ‘Worry No More’

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as the TV show says. With The Bees Knees radar artist Amos Lee, it makes so much sense. Walking through the city streets, the 70s funk-like visuals bring joy to The Honey POP planet. “Listening to the sounds of miles/Spanish sketches, playground smiles/Crowded streets and empty vials for all to share,” the American soul-jazz performer croons in a smiley way. Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful and hopeful messages the city and the community around give us. Let’s ally to help each other, bringing back the life that the ghost towns from last year’s lockdown left, and enjoy this bop. Good news! Our trip to Dreamland in February 2022 is booked here! Will you join us? Get all the info to embark on a journey with Amos Lee and more here!

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Jessia – ‘But I Don’T’

If you follow Liam Payne, you’ve surely heard this name. Fresh from the success of her hit single ‘I’m Not Pretty’ and her various performances at Osheaga festival and the Here’s To The Future showcase, Jessia walks the road to stardom with a strong attitude! She could be our bestie and we would love shopping for clothes with her. She’s so stylish! The song is all we need! Fast-paced acoustic guitar, upbeat melodies and great confidence! Even if someone around us promises a full change, we go our way and snap. Women’s independence and power are something that should be talked about and Jessia does it perfectly with her lyrical flex on ‘But I Don’T.’ The song is such a mood booster! Like ‘But I Don’T?’ Get your copy of Jessia’s How Are You? EP, here

Are you more in a sugar-coated or a salty mood? Which track do you love the most this week? Don’t be shy to share with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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