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We Have A ‘Crush’ On SEVENTEEN’s Attacca

We Have A ‘Crush’ On SEVENTEEN’s Attacca

It was finally d-day, SEVENTEEN dropped ‘Rock With You’ from Attacca, and the rest is history in the making.

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We knew when the guys from SVT kept hyping up Attacca, it was gonna be good, but that was an understatement.

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With seven tracks that show a different side to SEVENTEEN’s sound, while still having that hint of ‘old’ SVT, Attacca is filled with endless bops. Whether you want to start off with ‘Rock with you,’ hit shuffle, or start in the exact order of the track-list, you will more than likely find yourself jamming along to every track. Each track easily flows with one another, while also standing out on their own, making for a pleasurable listen.

Ready To Rock With SEVENTEEN

Such as with the title track ‘Rock with you,’ oh what can we say about this synth-filled song? Well, maybe that “Baby hold on” has been stuck in our heads since we first heard it, and we know it’s not going to leave anytime soon. This track, we believe was the perfect choice as the title track, because it’s not only a great track for CARAT but new listeners as well. And what better track to introduce to listeners than one where all the guys get to show off their vocals, and talents? And the MV for the track? Their hair? Their clothes? The choreo? The sets? You just have to watch it yourself, to get the full experience.


Now that you’ve made it passed the banger that is ‘Rock with you,’ just hold on tight because it only goes up from here. As we mentioned earlier, whether you want to listen to it in the exact order it came in, or want to change it up, we got you covered!

Don’t let the bpm of ‘2 MINUS 1’ trick you into thinking it is purely a happy song, because once you listen to the lyrics, well good luck. Alongside Hip-Hop Units ‘I can’t run away,’ the two tracks make up your sad tracks in the mini-album and well, they are just that. ‘2 MINUS 1’ is a song exclusively from ‘Rocket’-lines, Vernon, and Joshua. The track discusses a past lover who you are trying to convince yourself that you are over, when in reality you aren’t. Did we ever mention how we love when they don’t use specific gendered pronouns? ‘I can’t run away’ was a surprise to fans, as the Hip-Hop unit show off their soft vocals in this sweet ballad. Needless to say, all-rounders. We will be adding these two tracks to our playlist alongside the likes of other sad tracks ‘Don’t Wanna Cry,’ ‘Still Lonely,’ and ‘Don’t Listen In Secret.’

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Here we go to our happier tracks and the remaining tracks of the album. Each track, whether a group or unit track is so good! You may be thinking we are exaggerating, but we aren’t! If you are looking for the unit tracks ‘Imperfect Love,’ and ‘PANG!’ are the ones you are searching for. Vocal Unit’s ‘Imperfect Love’ has a very airy feeling of hope in a relationship, and as usual, the unit gets to show off their endless vocal talents, which is good for everyone involved. The Performance unit brings a cutesy, and catchy sound with ‘PANG!.’ Making us reminisce about past tracks like ‘MOONWALKER,’ and ‘Lilili Yabbay.’

Now we have reached the last two, ‘To you,’ and ‘Crush.’ ‘To you’ opens up Attacca and oh, that line, “If there’s an eternal love
/ Then you’re that person
” gets us every time! Like what, who told you you could do that SEVENTEEN? This is the perfect track to dedicate to someone, especially when you want them to know how much they mean to you. Like CARATs to SEVENTEEN and vice versa. Now to be honest with you, ‘Crush’ is a major favorite of ours here at THP. It has been getting arousing reviews from every kpop stan here, and can you blame us. Woozi and Vernon really put everything into this track, it’s so freaking catchy, and a top contender for the title track. Did you also see their performance during their comeback show of ‘Crush?’ Need we say more?

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We will be holding Attacca very close to us for the remainder of the year, because we don’t think we’ll ever be over it! If you haven’t already, you can listen to SEVENTEEN’s ninth mini-album Attacca here! You’ll thank us later.

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So, CARATs and possible new listeners, what was your fave track from SEVENTEEN’s Attacca? If you could choose one song from the album to have as your bgm which one would it be? Let us know in the comments down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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