Green Day The BBC Sessions Is The Perfect Fan Gift!

Green Day The BBC Sessions Is The Perfect Fan Gift!

Wondering what to buy for your nostalgic friend or family member for the holidays? Are your rebel years not over yet and do you need some music to pump up the party? Billie Joe Armstrong and co just announced a new release right on time for the Christmas spree shopping and we are on it! Green Day’s The BBC Sessions coming our way on December 10th!

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‘Basket Case’

Where were you in 1994? Dookie found its way to the charts with this infectious chorus! “Sometimes I give myself the creeps/Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me/It all keeps adding up/I think I’m cracking up,” we all sing even now. It’s a true classic! Enjoy this essential 90s punk track on the forthcoming Green Day’s The BBC Sessions!

‘When I Come Around’

No time to search the world around/Cause you know where I’ll be found/When I come around,” croons Billie Joe and friends on that hit single that kept us alive in the 90s! This is our teenage hymn and it follows up when we grow up. Such an anthemic tune! Who is ready to hear the iconic Green Day’s The BBC Sessions coming soon?


Fast-paced guitars, high energy and rebellious attitude that puts the crowd on fire! How will it sound in December when Green Day’s The BBC Sessions will be on the store shelves? One word. Fierce! Discover a few live version below to keep the excitement coming!

‘2000 Light Years Away’

Two minutes of power strings and basslines! ‘2000 Light Years Away’ finds the beginnings of an influential band! Who isn’t hooked to these scratchy melodic distortions? From Blink-182, New Found Glory to State Champs, the Californian rockers created a whole movement! Green Day’s The BBC Sessions recap some classic and cool moments of their career you don’t wanna miss! Preorder your copy here!

What is your ultimate Green Day song? Is it on the BBC Session compilation? Tell us what you think about this amazing news on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

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