ABBA Isn’t ‘Just A Notion,’ It’s A Way Of Life!

ABBA Isn’t ‘Just A Notion,’ It’s A Way Of Life!

Is boredom hit you today? It’s time to start the Voyage of a lifetime! From ‘Waterloo’ to the coasts of Greece in Mamma Mia, ABBA’s ‘Just A Notion’ of disco will keep you warm this winter. The Eurovision 1976’s winners are back 40 years later for a wonderful music trip! Who’s coming with us? Put your wigs and your boots on and enter the most iconic four-piece universe!

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Your Boarding Pass Is Ready!

Want to hear these new tracks along with some huge party classics? Book your ticket to ABBA Voyage now! Due to popular demand, a new set of dates are around the corner! Get your elephant patterned trousers, put some glitter make-up on and prepare yourself to “dancin’ through the night/Knowin’ everything from there on must be right.” Pack your bags and fly to a special venue to step back in time with a full orchestra, including ex-Klaxons James Righton and BRITs Awards nominated electro-pop singer Little Boots. Relive the glamorous disco years kicking in May 2022 in London. Curious about the concept? Get all the crusty details here!

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Thank You ABBA!

Joyful organ notes and danceable beats? ABBA’s signature from ‘Waterloo’ to ‘Chiquitita’ never lost it! ‘Just A Notion’ is indeed born from 1978 recordings. Then, until recently, Björn Ulvaeus and the Fab Four from the disco era reworked it to build a true cheerful masterpiece. “It is our destiny, there’s nothing we can do/And tonight is very special/It’s a night for me and you,” they sing with heartwarming vocals. The four-piece know how to treat the other like kings or ‘Dancing Queen!’ Seductively attractive, the synths make cosmic twirls along with the sweet cymbals hooks. This song is obviously destined to be a new hit single. The band was so right when they said ‘Thank You For The Music.’ Dig through your feelings with ABBA’s ‘Just A Notion’ here.

Do the disco fevers hit you back? Any thoughts about this new cosmic dance track from ABBA? On a scale from 1 to 10, how much are you excited for this first album in 40 years? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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