Alejandro Fernández Showed Us How To Wrap A Tour!

Alejandro Fernández Showed Us How To Wrap A Tour!

Alejandro Fernández has traveled around North America to show us how it feels to be Hecho En México, and has done it most spectacularly! Our favorite Mexican star has made one of the best tour wrap ups in his career, and we couldn’t be any prouder!

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Alejandro Fernández Nos Hace Tanto Bien!

We have loved the superstar that Alex is for a long time! And watching him on stage on tour, giving his everything with his melodic and powerful voice, next to his wonderful songs, is the best of any world!

For around 20 shows, Alejandro Fernández brought us a series of extraordinary moments that we will never forget! With surprise appearances from Christian Nodal and unforgettable moments, he has made this tour more special than we could have imagined!

With finishing the North American leg, before going back home to Mexico and the Hispanic Land, Spain; Alex made one of the best wrap ups we have ever seen in his career! Making this his most successful tour ever, the king of the Mexican sound is leaving the USA and all his followers with a big, full heart!

‘Canta Corazón’ That Alex´s Songs Are Very Special!

Alejandro Fernández has a very special place in our hearts, but after listening to what he has done, he has all of it! Thanks to the wonderful and incredible sold-out shows, with around 135,000 tickets sold… He has shown us how a great person he is by donating $100,000 to Families Belong Together.

We love to see our favorites around the world, doing what they love, but when they use their talent for things like this, they make everything more special!

The World Is In ‘Una Sola Voz’ For Alex!

We are so excited to see what’s coming next in the Hecho En México tour! There’s so much we are hoping to see and we know our dear Alejandro Fernández won’t disappoint us!

Are you going on any future dates? Have you gone on any tour date already? Tell us everything in the comments and don´t forget to tune with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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