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New Music Weekly: Catie Turner and More!

New Music Weekly: Catie Turner and More!

Our favorite time of the week is back! From Catie Turner to Louis The Child, we have quite the lineup for you guys this week! Regardless of your genre preference you’ll find something you’ll love in this week’s New Music Weekly!

Allie Dunn – Good As Gone
Image Source: Porter Rose Records

Stream Good As Gone here!

Remember the name Allie Dunn, because after hearing her debut EP, Good As Gone, we’re sure she’s going to be the next big thing! From the title track, to ‘Tom Petty,’ every single song is destined for greatness.

Trousdale – ‘Any Day Now’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Trousdale” song=”Any Day Now”]

Image Source: caitytakesphotos via Instagram

Stream ‘Any Day Now’ here!

Trousdale has become one of our very favorite trios to cover on New Music Weekly! And we’re in luck because alongside ‘Any Day Now,’ Trousdale is releasing an EP on November 12th! The EP is called What Happiness Is and if ‘Any Day Now’ is any indication, we’re going to love it!

Danica Bryant – ‘Ready To Bite’
Image Source: Courtesy of Danica Bryant

Stream ‘Ready To Bite’ here!

A pop-rock banger? Count us in! Plus, Danica Bryant has the Elton John stamp of approval, so you know she’s the real deal! We need more artists making music like ‘Ready To Bite,’ the track feels like a revival for a genre we’re longing for a comeback from.

Jeffery James – Songs I Found In The Year I Lost
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream Songs I Found In The Year I Lost here!

First of all, what an album title! Nashville breeds some of the most incredible singer-songwriters, so we’re not surprised at what a beautifully honest project this EP is. Our favorite of the bunch has to be the track that was given a new lease of life on NBC’s Songland, ‘We Can Be Heroes.’

Rikki Valentina – ‘Paranoid’
Image Source: Christina Relations

Stream ‘Paranoid’ here!

‘Paranoid’ has come just in time for spooky season, and we’re living for it! This haunting track is something we were definitely missing from this week’s New Music Weekly. And that music video? Absolutely incredible!

Laundry Day – ‘Connect 5’
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream ‘Connect 5’ here!

Just a fair warning, with one listen to ‘Connect 5’ you’re going to be full-on obsessed with Laundry Day. This group is bringing such a fresh take to their music, we simply can’t get enough. Don’t be surprised if you see ‘Connect 5’ on our year-end lists.

Ricky Montgomery – ‘Sorry For Me’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Ricky Montgomery” song=”Sorry For Me”]

Image Source: Warner Records

Stream ‘Sorry For Me’ here!

‘Sorry For Me’ broke us. It’s clear what a deeply personal track it is, so we can only imagine the emotions performing it evokes from Ricky. But of course, what makes Ricky Montgomery so great is his willingness to be so vulnerable.

Joshua Speers – Midnight Horses
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream Midnight Horses here!

Since first discovering Joshua Speers on a precious New Music Weekly, we’ve been obsessed with his music. Midnight Horses has only intensified that! Especially with our favorite track ‘Handoff.’

Ezekiel – Love Notes
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream Love Notes here!

Breathing a fresh new life into hyper pop? Oh absolutely! Ezekiel is proof of how TikTok can help launch careers! Love Notes is a collection of such incredible music, with our favorite of the bunch being ‘partyinthemeantime.’

Scott Helman – ‘Pretty’
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream ‘Pretty’ here!

Scott Helman has been a favorite of ours for so long! We’ve included him before in New Music Weekly wrap-ups and this week he’s back with ‘Pretty.’ Everything from the sound of the track to the video is pure excellence.

Christian Leave – ‘Maybe’
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream ‘Maybe’ here!

Christian Leave is one of those artists that deserves all the success in the world. He’s absurdly talented, and never misses with his music. ‘Maybe,’ the latest release off of his upcoming EP Days Like Lost Dogs, is no exception. We think it may just be our favorite Christian Leave track yet.

Brothers Sundance – ‘Matador’
Image Source: Warner Records

Stream ‘Matador’ here!

If you needed further convincing after ‘Text You Back,’ ‘Matador’ will have you fully on board with stanning Brother Sundance. The sky is the limit for this artist, that’s for sure.

Catie Turner x JORDY – ‘(Wish I Didn’t Have To) Lie’
Image Source: Atlantic Records

Stream ‘(Wish I Didn’t Have To) Lie’ here!

Every single song Catie Turner touches turns to gold. And when you add JORDY to the mix? Game over! These two are some of the most talented rising artists, both with their vocal talents and relationships with their pens.

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Johnny Marr – ‘Spirit Power and Soul’
Image Source: BMG

Stream ‘Spirit Power and Soul’ here!

A new single and a new EP from the genius that is Johnny Marr?! Christmas has come early! One listen to ‘Spirit Power and Soul’ and you’ll know why we call Johnny Marr a genius! He’s the best at blending genres seamlessly.

Insomniac – EDC Las Vegas 2021
Image Source: Insomniac Records

Stream EDC Las Vegas 2021 here!

EDC is underway in Las Vegas, and we’re here celebrating on our couches with this compilation at the loudest possible volume. If we can’t dance our hearts out to Diplo in person, we will be sure to do it at home!

HEAD BALLET – ‘Real Life’
Image Source: Head Ballet via Instagram

Stream ‘Real Life’ here!

HEAD BALLET is the duo you’ve been searching for! After SoundCloud only singles, ‘Real Life’ is the real deal! They are an incredible indie group, and after ‘Real Life’ we simply can’t get enough of. We’re sure this won’t be the last you’ll see of these two on our New Music Weekly wrap-ups!

Gene Dante – DL/UX
Image Source: The Secret Bureau of Art & Design

Stream DL/UX here!

Gene Dante is an artist unlike any other. Every single track on DL/UX completely blew us away! We’ve listened through multiple times and can confirm ‘High Time’ is the track we keep coming back to!

Louis The Child – Euphoria

[apple_music_ad artist=”Louis The Child”]

Image Source: Interscope Records

Stream Euphoria here!

It’s no secret that Louis The Child is next level, that’s just a fact at this point. They have just released their EP Euphoria which features one of our favorite tracks of the year ‘Waiting To Feel Like This.’

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track on this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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