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The Ultimate Sebastián Yatra Playlist

The Ultimate Sebastián Yatra Playlist

Sebastián Yatra has done it again… His new released song `Tacones Rojos´ has given all Latin music lovers – us at THP included – a reason to fall head over red heels for the Colombian singer himself. Are you all wondering what is it about him that draws us in? We do too. So, we decided to go over his most popular songs to create the Ultimate Sebastián Yatra Playlist, as we contemplate his international appeal.

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`Tacones Rojos´

Let’s kick off with his most recent release, as it proves that Sebastián Yatra can sweep us off our feet only to make us want to buy new shoes. As of October 22nd, at the very top of everyone’s shopping list, we’ll certainly find: a pair of ‘red high heels’ (‘Tacones Rojos!’) And we can’t help it! We’ve been singing along and moving absentmindedly to this track ever since it came online. Upbeat, catchy and a melody that fits the sweet-tone of its lyrics, this is a song that demands more than one single play. No more waiting, play at your heart’s content!

The song was inspired by morning rays of light that enter through your window and can totally take you to a new and happy, inspired place

Sebastián Yatra

Is it safe to assume you joined us in thinking this new addition to the playlist is only natural? He’s so fitting to a music video that exudes romance! And it can all be traced back to one of his sincere smiles, to understand his charm comes from within.

Image source: Erick Fernando Quezada

`Chica Ideal´ (Remix)

Along with Guaynaa, Sebastián Yatra created an indisputable hit. Then, came and it escalated to new heights. Our team here at THP covered the phenomenon at length in a must-read here. This song is an instant ear-worm… The kind you love, the kind you share with everyone you know! And to top it all, Yatra’s repeated call for a “lady who knows how to love him,” got us day-dreaming.


How could we possibly leave this song? Impossible and reckless are amongst the words that come to mind at the mere thought. `Cristina´ is the kind of ballad so many of us have secretly – and then no so much – been craving for. The scene is a long-distance romance, the pledge is one of sincere love. But, here, Sebastián Yatra feels conflicted as he battles his wish to be by his loved one’s side and then as he contemplates the distance, he hesitates in light of her struggling. Swoon. Have a listen first and then we’d love to hear your thoughts on this track.

`Robarte Un Beso´

Having a low day? Tune in to this song! You can’t go wrong! In collaboration with Carlos Vives, Sebastián Yatra livens up the mood. As you hear the first verses and beats, you’re instantly transported to the land of eternal music, the one that gave birth to this and many other brilliant Colombian artists. Yatra convinces with his own personal romantic take on the single. His voice is on point as he delivers an energetic type of ballad. And clearly, he’s got us hoping for more!

`No Hay Nadie Más´

We are getting to the songs from Yatra’s repertoire that earned him millions of fans with the fervor he expresses in them. `No Hay Nadie Mas´ resumes the most pure and intense way of loving someone. The lyrics to this song are an ode to loving fiercely, even through adversity and beyond. Once you’ve taken to reading the words, a new admiration arises. There truly is “no one else” that can convey devotion the way Sebastián Yatra can.

`Falta Amor´

Hyperventilating much? Not yet? Let us introduce you to a power duo of the most heartfelt ballads…. Sebastián Yatra joins forces with none other than Ricky Martin and they break the internet with this piece. True, while listening we have a need for tissues. Still, a heartbreak sounds all the sweeter at the hands – and talented voices – of this pair. We have to admit that Yatra really knows how to give his all in each song and how to choose a collaboration that will show a new depth to his artistry. Go ahead, please press play…

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There’s more work from the wonderful singer that is Sebastián Yatra to go over, but we reckon that we’ve managed to get the message across… Yatra is the artist to keep on the loop. There’s much more to come and for one, here at THP, we can’t wait!

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Also, we are hoping to hear your thoughts on this playlist in the comments below or via tweet @TheHoneyPOP! You can reach us on Instagram and Facebook too. Join the talk, we are rooting for you!

Want to read more about Sebastián Yatra? We’ve got you covered here!


Featured Image Source: Sebastián Yatra – Courtesy of Erick Fernando Quezada

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