Amber Jay ‘Equal’ Celebrates The Good In Us!

Amber Jay ‘Equal’ Celebrates The Good In Us!

We’re missing the docks of Liverpool so much that we dig deeper into what’s coming up on the Merseyside music scene this week! We love to hear from artists on the rise! We have this new track non-stop on our Bluetooth speaker. Amber Jay will become your new alt-pop queen soon, we bet a lot of money on it! ‘Equal,’ her latest single is out now!

Image Source: Vessel Studio Liverpool/Meet My Friend PR

Sweet Like Chocolate!

We are all individuals with our qualities, beliefs, and defaults. It makes all of us unique and unity is the whole concept within our differences. We should be proud of who we are. ‘Equal’ is the track that brings us together. Being different is totally okay. Let’s emancipate our tiny weird habits, our clashed convictions, and more to make a beautiful world. Like Amber Jay says on her socials: “Spread the love like Nutella or any alternative vegan cocoa spread of your choice!” Who would crave for a bit of sugar rush indeed? Her song ‘Equal’ has such flavor! In the likes of Charli XCX, the song introduce hypnotizing beats with great flows and we’re addicted!

Image Source: Vessel Studio Liverpool/Meet My Friend PR

Witchcraft Purity

If I can see her, I’ll be her, a person is a person and I’ll be equal,” Amber Jay whispers in angelic tones on ‘Equal.’ It’s like witchcraft. The deep basslines put us in such a trance! The suave vocals, blissful like Phoebe Bridgers or dark inspirations from Billie Eilish, make us shivers down our spine. The ghostly-like electronic ventures produced by Kurran Karbal grow on us. Pumping in our veins, the beats are perfect for that spooky season mood. Amber Jay’s ‘Equal’ doesn’t separate the equation in two. It unites us in a catchy powerful message. Everyone is different and it makes our whole world so interesting and diverse. Period! Stream ‘Equal’ here!

What would you change in the world for it to be ‘Equal’ to everyone? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Meet My Friends PR/Vessel Studios Liverpool

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