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Ailee’s Here To Slay With Her New Album Amy

Ailee’s Here To Slay With Her New Album Amy

Ailee is back with her third full-length album Amy, and she did not come to play! This will be her first studio album since signing with The L1ve, a music label established by Ravi from VIXX. Ailee joined this label in July as its first official artist, followed by Wheein from Mamamoo in August.

The album title Amy refers to Ailee’s birth name, which we think is her way of fully embracing herself through the music she releases. Amy has a total of 12 songs, with each one showing off different sides of Ailee’s phenomenal musical range. We at THP couldn’t decide on our favorite song on Ailee’s new album, so here are seven things we love about it!

Ailee's new album concept photo
Image Source: Ailee via Instagram

The Lead Single

Can we talk about how addicting the title track is? ‘Don’t Teach Me’ is a catchy and empowering song that claps back to “all the boys who think they can control a woman.” Our queen Ailee shows off her powerful voice on top of a jazzy, swing-inspired instrumental.

The Banger That Is ‘Bling’

‘Bling’ is the type of song you blast whenever you feel like a boss, which should be all the time! Everything about this song slaps, from the beat to the lyrics. Ailee is popping off with this whole album, and we’re here to support her all the way!

Retro Vibes In ‘#MCM (Man Crush Monday)’

We’re not kidding when we say Ailee has range! ‘#MCM (Man Crush Monday)’ is a groovy track about finding an attractive person on your timeline and developing a crush. And you can’t help but scroll down their page for more pictures. We feel so understood.

The Relatable Lyrics Of ‘Beautiful Disaster’

Ailee sings about the reality of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. So you keep it to yourself. Sometimes you’d feel greedy and cry about it, but you can’t stop feeling this way. Unrequited love is a ‘Beautiful Disaster’ indeed.

Ailee’s Emotional Vocals In ‘What If I’

‘What If I’ is a moving song about memories and regrets of what could’ve been. This song and ‘Beautiful Disaster’ were both b-side tracks featured in Ailee’s fifth EP I’m, released in October 2020. One year later, and we still can’t get enough of Ailee’s voice!

The Hypnotizing Music In ‘525’

We absolutely love the way the music creeps in the intro and builds up to the chorus in ‘525.’ It pairs with Ailee’s sultry voice and whispers so well! She sings about staying up all night, dreaming, and thinking about a certain someone. *wink*

Four More Pre-Released Songs

Ailee released her sixth EP Lovin’ in May 2021, which featured ‘525,’ along with four other songs: ‘Make Up Your Mind,’ ‘Tattoo,’ ‘Losing Myself To You,’ and ‘Ain’t Talkin’ About Me.’ Even though this mini-album previewed several songs on Ailee’s new album Amy, it feels like we’re listening to them for the first time!

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Ailee's new album pre-release photo
Image Source: Ailee via Instagram

Ailee’s confidence truly shines in her latest studio album. We love that she’s been able to find herself and really show us who she is through Amy! She has always amazed us with her releases, and we won’t get over this album anytime soon.

Ailee's new album title track mv
Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Don’t Teach Me’ Music Video

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Featured Image Source: Screenshot of ‘Don’t Teach Me’ Music Video

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