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Hey Violet Make Us ‘Sway’ With A Virtual Acoustic Show

Hey Violet Make Us ‘Sway’ With A Virtual Acoustic Show

Back in 2020 when Hey Violet were the opening act for Olivia O’Brien‘s It Was a Sad F**king Tour, they received the news that the remainder of the tour would be canceled in the middle of their soundcheck. Ever since then, both Hey Violet and the ultraviolets have been manifesting the return of live music. While they haven’t announced a tour yet (we’re still manifesting) Hey Violet surprised fans with their first virtual show on Veeps to accompany the release of their second EP this year, Deep End.

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Hey Violet offered three shows with identical acoustic setlists so that fans could choose the time slot that was most convenient. The set consisted of seven songs, three from their latest EP Deep End, two from their EP Problems, one unreleased, and one cover. We attended the first show, which took place on their EP’s release day, and we haven’t been able to stop talking about it since! Seriously, we’ve been rewatching it every day this week.

Hey Violet Show
Image Source: Fulton Hobbs and Austere


After arriving a few minutes late (what artist doesn’t?) the band opened the show with the title track from the first of the two EPs they released this year, Problems. The song featured perfect harmonies between the Lovelis sisters. While we’ve heard the band play an acoustic rendition of this song before, we were still blown away. They fell back into performing so naturally that you’d never know it’s been nearly two years since their last show.

‘Breaking Up With A Friend’

Before playing the next song on their set, the band took a minute to inform everyone that they’d never actually played the song they were about to, not even rehearsed it. They then started ‘Breaking Up With A Friend,’ a song from the Problems EP that we didn’t expect them to play. We never would’ve guessed this song hadn’t been played live before because they slayed it.

Image Source: Diana Mantis


Rena introduced the next song by explaining, “you can sway your future any way you want it to, because you know we believe in you guys to do that, whatever you want to do, whether that’s music, or art, or something totally just like day to day job like… you get to make your life and that’s how I took this song from being in that kind of like negative mindset to something that’s a little more empowering for us and for you guys.” This intro gave us a greater explanation of the band’s newest song ‘Sway,’ our personal favorite. The studio version of ‘Sway’ was released just hours before this show, so we were still freaking out over our love for this song when we were hit with the acoustic version. We truly weren’t ready for the three-part harmonies in this song that left us simping even harder than before. Seriously, we need to hear vocals from Nia and Casey more often!


Those of you who were lucky enough to see Hey Violet on Olivia O’brien‘s tour will remember the unreleased song ‘She.’ “I feel like every time we play that live… I feel like I cried like every single night. Dude, I’m a cry baby on stage!” Nia explained as both band members agreed that she had, in fact, cried every show. They then went on to play the song, which tells the story of frontwoman Rena losing herself, not even recognizing the woman she has become. Much like Nia, we too cry every time we listen to ‘She,’ but this performance really brought on the waterworks. We can’t wait until the band releases a studio version of this song and we can all cry together in that emotional livestream Rena joked about.

Image Source: Rena Lovelis via Twitter

‘Our Song’

In the days before the livestream Hey Violet teased the cover they had planned, which Nia even hinted at briefly. We have to admit, when we heard Hey Violet were covering a country song we were a bit skeptical. But trust us, they did this Taylor Swift song just as much justice as they did ‘Blank Space’ back in the day! They put a bit of a slowed down Ashnikko twist on Taylor’s classic ‘Our Song’ which was something we never knew we needed! Oh, and did we mention they turned the song explicit? This cover truly left us with chills, and we hope someone uploads it to YouTube so we can keep listening on repeat!

hey violet show
Image Source: Diana Mantis

‘Party Girl’

Whether you first heard it live during the Olivia O’brien tour, or heard it upon it’s release earlier this year, we’re willing to bet you’ve been a fan of ‘Party Girl‘ ever since. While the lyrics are quite sad, the upbeat melody of the song makes us want to dance every time! However, the acoustic version of this song fits the mood a bit better, giving more of a somber sound. Honestly, we may like the acoustic version best.

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‘Bitter Pill’

The band closed the show with ‘Bitter Pill,’ an upbeat break up song Nia wrote about a past relationship, hyping up all the fans by telling them they are the one who got away and their ex didn’t deserve them. We just want to say thanks to whoever inspired this song, as it’s become a fan favorite! Much like the studio version, the acoustic version of this song was truly amazing. This song was the most upbeat out of the whole set, and was the perfect closer. This entire performance made us excited to see what’s to come from the band, especially when it comes to future Hey Violet shows.

So we have to know, did you get to watch any of the Hey Violet shows on Veeps? If so, what did you think? Which of these songs was your favorite? And even if you didn’t, has ‘Sway’ been stuck in your head as much as ours? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook or Twitter @thehoneypop !


Featured Image Source: Diana Mantis

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