Our Lady Peace Spiritual Machines II Lift Off The World!

Our Lady Peace Spiritual Machines II Lift Off The World!

Superman’s not dead! The not so ‘Clumsy’ Canadian rockers skyrocket the rock world again with their upcoming LP. Our Lady Peace’s Spiritual Machines II arrives on the shelves on January 28th. Who’s curious about their new sounds? We all wonder if it would put us in a nostalgic mood! It’s time for some teasers!

Image Source: Lindsey Blane

The Grunge Evolution!

Do you often wish you could rewind your life and travel through time? Once in the 90s, we wear our Doc Martins and flannels. We sport our long hair and rebel about everything! Grunge was such an amazing movement! Our Lady Peace was on every Big Shiny Tunes compilation in Canada, showcasing their alt-rock skills. From Naveed to Happiness… Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch, we only dreamed to be frontman Raine Maida! Even now! Did you ever scream out loud to ‘Superman’s Dead?’ We had lost our voice many times, trying to form a rock band in our basement. What happens with the band currently? Well, they have great news for us! Our Lady Peace’s Spiritual Machines II anthemic album is coming! It’s pretty different melodically, but with a stunning production from TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek, we can’t be more excited!

Are Dreams Come True?

The years go by and we evolve. Our Lady Peace’s Spiritual Machines II reflects on the new social vibes! The first teaser, ‘Stop Making Stupid People Famous,’ is a surprise collaboration with Russia’s Pussy Riot. We listen to it non-stop. Do you wish to go to the disco? We especially love to dance on the new groovy adventures from the iconic rock band. In between The Vaccines retro-pop and PVRIS vibes, the band flips out their scratchy guitars for delicious riffs. “But we’re working hard on a dream/And hey (alright)/Tell me how you’re living,” they repeat on the chorus. It sticks in our heads. The beats continue with the second single, ‘Future Disease,’ psychedelic organ sounds. It’s a complete evolution from the band. Our Lady Peace’s Spiritual Machines II teasers intrigue us for the rest to come in a few months! Witness it live and score tickets for their upcoming tour here!

What do you think of the new sound from Our Lady Peace’s Spiritual Machine II upcoming record? Do you miss their old vibes or are you happy with the new creations? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Lindsey Blane

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