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We Love These 7 BLOO Songs To The MOON AND BACK

We Love These 7 BLOO Songs To The MOON AND BACK

BLOO said have it all this year, just shortly after his last full album BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2, he is blessing us with a second one! How is this real? Does this man ever sleep? Help, we are overwhelmed but in a good way! MOON AND BACK offers us eight new BLOO tracks each better than the other and the lead single ‘Girl In New York’ is the hip hop track we have been waiting for this October. BLOO truly came to save October!

Yoo, that ‘Girl In New York’ jazz version though hits different…

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With his album just hitting the spot this week and us taking our well-deserved time digesting this musical feast we thought it was the perfect time to share with your our favorite BLOO tracks for this autumn and honestly, any season. Here are seven songs by BLOO we love to the MOON AND BACK!

Make sure to stream MOON AND BACK here, you will not regret it!

‘Girl In New York’

Of course, this new queen has to be here. We haven’t stopped listening to ‘Girl In New York’ since the moment it dropped. The chorus is just way too good and has been stuck in our heads all day long. Yes, we are volunteering to be BLOO’s ‘Girl In New York!’

‘Downtown Baby’

2017 blessed us with BLOO’s ‘Downtown Baby’ and the EP of the same name. The music video for the song is such a vibe and the black and white scenes are probably our favorite. BLOO has the perfect rap tone for these more emotional rap songs, no one like this man.

‘Come and kiss me’

Bold of you to assume BLOO we won’t take you up on that statement. Kidding… unless? Anyway, ‘Come and kiss me’ is the lead single off of BLOO’s other 2021 album BLOO IN WONDERLAND 2 and we have been absolutely obsessed with this jam. The Latin pop influences in this one offer us the perfect summer (or winter) bop.

‘I’m the one’

Yes BLOO for THP you are the one when it comes to this type of music. BLOO has this way with his music to just transport you to another place and time. The atmosphere changes completely and you are just there, just BLOO’s voice and the emotions he wants you to feel. BLOO IN WONDERLAND was a cultural reset in 2018.

‘STOP’ Ft. Niahn

BLOO and a feature are bound to slap and our list wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t include some b-sides on it, right? Lead singles are always fun and games but the true gems are b-sides like ‘STOP’ from BLOO’s EP It’s not Love I’m just Drunk (a mood btw who hasn’t felt like that?). This song teamed the rapper up with Niahn and it makes for a fire song.


‘Drama’ came to us in the form of a single this year – we told you 2021 is treating us well – and it has been stuck on the top of our playlist ever since. This one hits us emotionally way more than other songs by the rapper have so far. Maybe this is our favorite but shhh don’t tell anyone we said that.

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‘Take Me’ Ft. nafla

Ending this list with another b-side and it is also from BLOO’s 2018 EP BLOO IN WONDERLAND (a gift, a treat, our bible, period). nafla joined BLOO for this song and we knew immediately – with this dream team on the track- it would not disappoint. And it rang true, ‘Take Me’ has sustained the test of time and we still go back to it at least once a day. It’s part of our morning routine.

What is your favorite BLOO song? What do you think about his new album MOON AND BACK? Ready to be BLOO’s ‘Girl In New York?’ Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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