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4 K-POP Acts To Stan Before The Month Is Over!

4 K-POP Acts To Stan Before The Month Is Over!

Honey Poppers you know us, we are huge K-POP fans here at THP HQ and we can never stop sharing our newest faves and obsessions. While BTS are taking over the world and there are new K-POP acts hitting the scene on a weekly, it is easy to lose track of everything. That’s what we are here for, so do not fear!

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We sat down and selected four of our favorite K-POP acts of the moment, that we think anyone should go ahead and stan – especially before the month is over as they just dropped new music! Some of them are older groups and some mere rookies but there is something for everyone here and they are all talented. We surely are obsessed with all four of them and hope you will join our little cult of love and appreciation!

Let’s get into it!

Jeon Somi

Anyone here remembers Produce 101? We for sure do and I.O.I even better. While we miss I.O.I a lot, the group’s members have been delivering left and right in their respective groups and as solo acts. Somi has been gracing us every year with a single and we were craving for more each time.

Image Source: The Black Label

Luckily – and finally – our favorite girl dropped her debut full album XOXO just at the end of this month and it absolutely slaps! We got some familiar favorites and four new songs, which Somi had the opportunity to show off her writing skills in, you go girl! The storytelling music video was just the icing on the cake for this comeback (has Somi ever looked better btw?!). We are more in love with this girl every day and you should join us right this second!

Pst, you can stream this masterpiece here.


Omega X

We know we know we have made it a bit too obvious we like Omega X here at THP but we just can’t help it. We love underdogs and talented people getting a second chance and that’s what Omega X is for all of its eleven members! The boys have already given us one comeback in the short few months since their debut and boy was that a comeback!

Image Source: Spire Entertainment

Vamos‘ and ‘What’s Goin’ On’ both were instant regulars on our playlists and we are sure future comebacks will do the same! The good thing about these boys is that they always treat us with extra music videos and they just dropped this cool video filmed in Busan for their b-side track ‘BAILA CON OX.’ A bop if you ask us and if this doesn’t make you stan them, what will?



We count it as a crime against humanity if you do not at least know who ENHYPEN is and if you aren’t a stan of them yet. Kidding, we know it’s hard to know every K-POP group out there. But really ENHYPEN are absolutely killing it at the moment. The group was formed through the survival program I-Land in 2020 and debuted with ‘Given-Taken’ shortly after.

Image Source: Courtesy of BELIFT LAB

Their two comebacks after their debut, ‘Drunk-Dazed‘ and ‘Tamed-Dashed,’ have proven how good ENHYPEN are at making music, especially hyper pop. And their hard work is paying off! ENHYPEN just hit No.11 on the Billboard 200 charts with their full album DIMENSION : DILEMMA, which dropped this month. Now, that is a superstar in the making and with them currently promoting ‘Upper Side Dreamin’ the time to stan is right now.


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Now, it is time for the most senior group on our little “to stan” list. We are huge CARATs here at THP and we have been absolutely buzzing since their last comeback with ‘Rock with you.’ SVT have been around for half a decade already and what a time it has been. SEVENTEEN reinvent themselves and their musical style every comeback. And with member Woozi taking the lead in the musical production of the group, their sound has always been recognizable. They are also masters of sharp choreography which makes them unbeatable at dance.

Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

As you can see SVT is a force to be reckoned with and if you decided to be a CARAT now or are already part of this loving family, we have more good news for you! SEVENTEEN will hold an online concert called POWER OF LOVE on November 14 and 21 respectively. It is a given that they will be killing the stage, duh. You can find more info about the concert and tickets, which are on sale now, right here.


There are so many more groups we love and adore at THP but these four just made October so much better for us and are treating us well. So we had to recommend them to you today! Which K-POP groups do you stan? Which release was your favorite from these four? Ready to stan? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Ciaran O’Brien on Unsplashed, Edited by Selina for The Honey POP.

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