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Maggie Lindemann Is The Queen Of Our Hearts And ‘She Knows It’

Maggie Lindemann Is The Queen Of Our Hearts And ‘She Knows It’

Maggie Lindemann

If you’re like us, you’re blasting Maggie Lindemann’s newest drop, ‘She Knows It’ on repeat, and we’re here to ask you to turn it up! Adding another masterpiece to her delicious discography, Maggie has once again made us weep and waggle to the same song simultaneously! Listen to ‘She Knows It’ here.

We have all faced the horrors of unrequited love at some point in our lives, including our ‘Pretty Girl’ Maggie. Surrounding the pent-up hurt and frustration, ‘She Knows It’ is a lyrical gem that is sure to speak to many women.

I wrote this song about how I liked a girl who had a boyfriend. She would confide in me about how sh*tty he was and say and do things that would kind of lead me on but then tell me she didn’t ‘mean it like that’ … so I was like f*ck it, I’m gonna write about it.

Maggie Lindemann on ‘She Knows It’

We are already addicted to the hypnotic drums, bass, and beats and Maggie’s impeccable sonic prowess! Our dancing boots are not going off anytime soon. Yours too, right? As a matter of fact, ‘She Knows It’ will be on heavy rotation this week at THP HQ and every week ahead until lemons grow out of apple trees.

Catch Maggie on the Life Support Tour with Madison Beer here!

‘She Knows It’ Is A “High School Fantasy” Come True!

One word for this visual – HOT! Directed by Vixxion, it is a wholesome treat of a slick storyline, cute tender moments, and Maggie being the coolest goddess flipping off her girl’s boyfriend. The video had a special viewing at Travis Barker’s House of Horrors online event and is now living in our heads rent-free. Watch it for yourself:

I wrote up the concept kind of right when we made the song. I instantly had a vision for it and wanted to give it a high school 2000’s feel but also keep it current and industrial and surreal spin from a normal classroom setting. I wanted to tap into my high school fantasy — haha!

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Maggie Lindemann on ‘She Knows It’ Music Video

We love high school fantasies, Maggie! Which is your favorite moment from Maggie Lindemann’s ‘She Knows It’ music video? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Screenshot of ‘She Knows It’ Music Video 

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