Nina Nesbitt’s Acoustic Piano Is Our New Love!

Nina Nesbitt’s Acoustic Piano Is Our New Love!

Which instrument inspires you the most? For Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, the acoustic piano is her first love! She proves it again with a brand new version of her latest hit, ‘Life’s A B*tch.’ Like our shiny Tinkerbell, we follow her into a sweet emotional adventure!

nina nesbitt acoustic
Image Source: Nina Nesbitt on Instagram

The Piano Dream

How wonderful does Nina Nesbitt be on her socials? She helps us to keep strong! Yeah ‘Life’s a B*tch’ maybe, but we need to believe that our dreams will come true. For the Scottish singer, she recently captioned this Instagram post stating she finally received her first piano and that she waited for this for such a long time! So, never give up! Using her beautiful skills and melodies, she brings a new sense to her track. Yeah, life is cruel, but with positive thinking, we can get further to see some improvements through karma. Nina Nesbitt’s acoustic tones give a new breath to her songwriting and we’re absolutely in love!

More Than A ‘Summer Fling’

Nina Nesbitt’s acoustic version of ‘Life’s A B*tch’ is stunning. She’s so versatile that her TikTok is full of funny videos! We love to see her practicing on her piano! What about Adele’s soundbites? We crave more of these delicious vibes! In the meantime, we watch the ‘Life’s A B*tch’ acoustic video over and over. “I’m with you/Through these lows and highs,” she sings in a crystalline voice while we see four superposed versions of the pop princess in a simple purple-lighted room. She’s more than a ‘Summer Fling,’ She shows us that it’s important to recognize we aren’t perfect! Through sticks and stones, we need to boost our self-esteem and her success is not ephemeral! Get your hands on the stripped-down version of ‘Life’s A B*tch’ here!

Did you get emotional? Don’t touch us, we are truly in awe with the song! Tell us what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram.

This Nina Nesbitt’s acoustic version of ‘Life’s A B*tch’ gave you chills? We got some more tracks from incredible various artists here that would send you through deep feelings!


Featured Image Source: Nina Nesbitt On Instagram

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