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The Bees Knees Trick Or Treating For New Music!

The Bees Knees Trick Or Treating For New Music!

It’s Halloween week and it’s time to get some sweet treats! On The Bees Knees, be ready for some eclectic pop sounds and glossy notes! From jazz experimentations to candy cane beats, you’ll find everything that can suit your new music playlist!

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Tom King – Confessions of a Lonely Heart

Don’t find any ‘Excuses!’ Listen to young UK singer-songwriter Tom King’s new EP Confessions of a Lonely Heart. Heartbreaking and empowering, we can’t get enough of the silky soulful aesthetic. “And you could be rude/You could be lonely/You could be mad/But you couldn’t be honest,” he starts on ‘Honest,’ a brilliant ode. We don’t have any guilt to listen to it over and over. With his idol-inspired Sam Smith sultry vocals and such emotions as the latest Tom Walker singles, he let all his feelings out.

His songs are the mirror of his background experiences with love and relationships. Don’t be a ‘Fool!’ It’s never easy to open up to others. Through music, we can express our doubts and intense fondness to our close circle of friends and lovers. The British youngster harmonies are full of hope! We can’t get enough of the natural musicality of his voice. Take a glimpse of Tom King’s Confessions of A Lonely Heart here.

Jules Buckley – ‘X Breaks’

Did you know breakdance will be a new Olympic discipline? Maybe we’ll hear some Jules Buckley on the competition floors, who knows? ‘X Breaks’ is the latest installment from The Breaks, a masterpiece of funk and soul. Do intricate moves drive you crazy? The Soul Mavericks will be! Grooving through the brass ensemble, the visuals are a true piece of art and expression. It’s a culture, a way of life! The crew’s tribute to ‘X Breaks’ gets a perfect score! The street scene is growing again and the nostalgic aesthetic gets all our attention! Sway through the tight rhythmics and dance till the party’s over! Get your moves ready and stream The Breaks here!

carolesdaughter – ‘My Mother Wants Me Dead’

The metaphor of the maternal figure is heavy on the new punk songstress carolesdaughter single ‘My Mother Wants Me Dead.’ “Everybody thinks they know things/But nobody can say they know me, she croons in the pre-chorus. While on social media, we hide behind screens and we have these perceptions coming on and off our heads. Through harsh paranoiac lyrics, she crafted a catchy piece of indie punk. The guitars clashes with a video-game 8-bit sound effects intriguing intro to make a blissful and classy production.

Fans of Avril Lavigne would love the attitude! Going viral with her previous singles with more than 300 million streams, The Bees Knees are hooked to the intense drums banging frantically in our ears. Punk is alive and makes sure you won’t miss carolesdaughter energy on tour with Machine Gun Kelly. All the details are here, be quick! Stream ‘My Mother Wants Me Dead’ from any music platform here.

Charlotte Jane – ‘Alone In A Crowded Room’

Flipping songs on your streaming platform or with book pages? The choice is on you. When literature joins music, you got The Bees Knees’ beloved new singer-songwriter Charlotte Jane performing for the Sebastian Fitzek novel-inspired Playlist. “I’m so alone in a crowded room/I’m invisible, misunderstood/I’m so alone sitting next to you,” she croons with her mighty vocals. How to get out of a situation which is really bad for you? Expressing the wishes of Feline, the novel main character, Charlotte Jane offers a beautiful escape to reality. The abducted young lady in Playlist tries to connect outside the walls she’s trapped in and drops some clues on her location. Charlotte Jane amongst JP Saxe, Beth Ditto and more give an emotional twist to the story. Discover the polar universe and stream the rising star’s new song here!

GIRLI – Damsel In Distress

The new voice of our generation is here! Through pain and difficulties, the rising British pop star GIRLI tackles the Damsel In Distress and learns about how to be stronger. Do people say you’re not their body type? GIRLI sends us the courage to accept how beautiful we are in our ‘Dysmorphia.’ Difference is our way to be unique. At The Bees Knees, we can’t get enough of the thumping electro beats that throw us like a ‘Ricochet’ to R’n’B guitar distortions in the heartbreaking ‘More Than A Friend.’

Perfect for the spooky season, Damsel In Distress will mix exquisitely with Ashnikko or the latest JoJo works. She fights everything, trying to find herself and be more confident. “True love never did run smoothly”, she sings in ‘Ricochet,’ and, yeah, we totally agreed. Through the ups and downs, we need to know our limits and stay ‘Ruthless.’ Listen to your heart and that’s all matters! Get your vinyl or get the tracks in your custom playlist to get all the positivity you need in your life here!

Joy Crookes – ‘Troubles’ At Street Party Sessions

When we discover Joy Crookes‘s debut album Skin, we fell in love with ‘Troubles’ and her medieval fashionista visuals at The Bees Knees. Following Jungle and Bastille, she associated her music to London’s Ted Baker clothing brand for the Street Party Sessions. Cool, isn’t it? Joy Crookes is flawless in this wonderful performance where she kicks without ‘Troubles’ on the scene.

She naturally feels the flow of the brass ensemble and the orchestral jazz tones. Let’s watch together and move to the swaying Caribbean rhythms. Always dreamed of going on a cruise trip? It’s the ideal occasion to travel from the comfort of your home. Transform your room into a love boat, shake a couple of fancy drinks and you’re all set! Peel your Skin off to the slick R’n’B vocal tones of Joy Crookes here.

Alex Angelo – ‘Blue Skies’

See the brighter days coming with Alex Angelo’s ‘Blue Skies.’ Set up your stereo and pump up the volume for this amazing new single from this rising artist. The Nashville singer-songwriter plays around with Conan Gray‘s influences and skyrocketing synth-pop vibes. Look at the stars and jam to the wonderful beats! Dance the night away and forget the bad things! The song bass drums are so addictive! We can say the same for Alex Angelo troubadour vocals that fly high into magic falsettos.

Will The Bees Knees weekly discovery follow the path of Shawn Mendes? One thing is sure, Alex Angelo steals our hearts with his cheerful messages and brilliant music! Stand up for yourself, don’t let the others bring you down! Working with Babyface and many others, the road to stardom is open to every possibility for him! Stream Alex Angelo’s ‘Blue Skies’ here!

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CAROLINE – ‘Favorite Person In The World’

When we think about positive spins, our ‘Favorite Person In The World’ could be rising star CAROLINE! Our latest discovery on The Bees Knees joyful pop tune is an amazing ray of sunshine in our life. Tell your friends they are important, tell your family they are wonderful. CAROLINE shines with her smile and upbeat country-like melodies. Her influences can go from early Taylor Swift to Fletcher and Maisie Peters and it’s only brilliant! The guitar springs out in cheerful vibes. “You’re lovely/You’re lively
You make me laugh so hard I’ll never stop crying/You’re my favourite person in the world
,” she chants playfully on the addictive chorus. We couldn’t agree more that we should appreciate the people around us. Join the happiness bandwagon and stream here!

MarthaGunn – ‘Undone’

We did nothing wrong I’ve become undone/When it feels all hope is gone/To really love someone,” Martha Gunn’s emotional chorus states. On the new ‘Undone’ video, the Brighton band explores contemporary dance with strength. Abdur-Rahim Jackson fits the portrait. Along with the mesmerizing poetry of MarthaGunn, we feel the moves in the deepest part of ourselves. The graceful moves and intensity flow candidly with the whole meaning of the song.

It translates in beautiful images the vulnerability and the losses. Could you believe that this starstruck video was firstly produced through Iphone’s exchanges? The natural soundscapes melt with the intricate steps and moves. It’s simple but so astonishing. Something Good Will Happen and this choreography is true medicine for the soul. Stream the new Martha Gunn album here!

Who stole your heart this week? Any particular track that spin round and round in your head? Let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook and Instagram.

These amazing tracks ain’t enough for you? We got plenty of new release on The Honey POP list here!

Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor/THP Graphic Team

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