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The Stans Of Fiction: 14 Books You Should Read As A Fan

The Stans Of Fiction: 14 Books You Should Read As A Fan

Books are the most helpful tools for us to get away from reality for a bit and explore all the possibilities that the fictional world has to offer. Our favorite bands, musicians, movies, and TV shows, on the other hand, are solaces that help us cope with the harsh facts of life. Books, as well as the people and things we admire, make our life more bearable. But the real magic happens when these two worlds collide. And no, even though we love them too, we are not talking about fanfictions. We are talking about “fan books.”

Have you ever wanted to read a book that gives you an insight into the music industry? How about a story in which the protagonist is a die-hard fan like you? A protagonist who seeks comfort in a film series? We’ve got your back on this one, too, as we always do! We have put together a list of the most relatable books you’ll ever read as a stan. Let us introduce you to these masterpieces! 

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Idol Gossip By Alexandra Leigh Young
Image Source: Courtesy of Walker Books US

An inside glimpse at the K-pop industry? Well, sign us up! When one of the top K-pop companies hear our main character Alice Choy’s singing, they make her an offer she can’t refuse. However, there is more. This novel is about the struggle of fitting in a different culture while maintaining your identity and your big dreams. It also emphasizes how harmful the industry can be and how idols’ lives can get affected by that harmful side. You shouldn’t waste any more time and grab this book if you enjoy K-pop as much as we do! 

Battle Of The Bands, Edited By Lauren Gibaldi & Eric Smith
Image Source: Courtesy of Candlewick

Imagine a book written by 15 authors and Justin Courtney Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack. Too specific? No, because THIS is the book. Battle Of The Bands consists of interconnected stories that are about everything you can imagine about music. Shows, big references, music industry through the eyes of band members, stage crew, and all the drama going on backstage. The book focuses on different high school bands “battling” but inside, it is much more. You can get the book here!

Grace and the Fever By Zan Romanoff
Image Source: Courtesy of Knopf Books for Young Readers

Listen real close: our protagonist is a fan of a band called Fever Dream and she even has a blog about them. You can see us sipping our tea in THP HQ. As an older fangirl stuck with a band with a bunch of internet buddies who share her devotion, Our Grace is really relatable. On the other hand, she is clearly luckier than the rest of us. She is living the “main character” life, duh! The story begins with Grace meeting Jes aka her favorite person on the entire planet, from Fever Dream. But you know the saying, “Never meet your idols.” How do you think it turned out for Grace? Get a copy of the book to find out!

All My Love, Alec Brock By Larissa Lopes 
Image Source: Courtesy of Literary Crush Publishing

We, at THP, adore Larrissa Lopes, and we have covered The Alec Brock Series multiple times but this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning All My Love, Alec Brock once more. Our protagonist Linda Gonzalez leaves her tiny town and relocates to Los Angeles to meet her online boyfriend, Alec Brock. However, it turns out that she had been catfished the entire time, and the worst part is that real Alec Brock is a pop star! Luckily, Alec agrees to help her out to find “the boyfriend.” Along the way, we learn a lot about relationships, fan life, and also, heartbreaks, and mental issues. It’s never too late to jump into the magical world of The Alec Brock Series, get the first book here!

Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here By Anna Breslaw
Image Source: Courtesy of Razorbill

A TV fans’ worst nightmare is to have their favorite show canceled. And this is what happened to protagonist Scarlett Epstein, a regular high school student who is a huge fan of a show. But don’t worry, it’s not a dystopian fan book. So, just like we all have done at least once, she turns to fanfictions for comfort. The thing is, Scarlett takes her biggest inspiration from her school friends. This relevant book will captivate you, believe in us!

Daisy Jones and the Six By Taylor Jenkins Reid
Image Source: Courtesy of Ballantine Books

Where do we begin to talk about this documentary-style novel? Well, we can begin by saying: if you like 1970s rock, this is for you. A famous band breaks up, right when they are at the peak of their success. The question is: why? This is what the book focuses on. Taylor Jenkins Reid invites you to the late 1970s to witness everything that was happening during the heyday of rock n roll. Accept the invitation and buy the book, right now!

When The Beat Drops by Anna Hecker
Image Source: Courtesy of Sky Pony

What an uncommon yet wonderful thing to read: a book about DJing! You will experience the music and its enchanting effect on every page of When The Beat Drops. The novel reflects how challenging it may be to be a successful artist, as well as the sacrifices that must be made along the process. Here’s where you can get the book.

A Song for the Road By Rayne Lacko
Image Source: Courtesy of SparkPress

What would you do if your life suddenly went wrong and all you had was music? Let’s ask Carter Danforth, the novel’s protagonist. He hits the road with a guitar and he learns his most important musical lessons there. This moving narrative will remind you of the importance of music once more. Place your order right now!

On The Come Up By Angie Thomas
Image Source: Courtesy of Balzer + Bray

You will enjoy this one if you have read or seen Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give. Bri, 16, has a huge ambition: she wants to follow in her late father’s footsteps and become one of the greatest rappers of all time. However, it is not as simple when you lack privileges or when the expectations of those around you are different. This book will not only inspire you to fight for your dreams, but it will also remind you of the hard reality that black working-class families face. Angie Thomas is one of our generation’s most daring writers, and this book is an excellent way to get to know her.

All the Feels: All is Fair in Love and Fandom By Danika Stone
Fan books: All The Feels
Image Source: Courtesy of Swoon Reads

We all adore our favorite fictional characters and aren’t ashamed to act as though they are real people. We get happy when they are happy, sad when they are sad, and we can’t bear it when they lose their lives. Like Liv, the protagonist of this novel. Liv initiates an online campaign to bring back her favorite fictional character Captain Matt Spartan after his death, and it becomes a big success. This book is about the joy of online friendships and the strength of fandoms. You’ll admire Liv’s relatability! Now is the time to order!

Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell
Fan books: Fangirl
Image Source: Courtesy of St. Martin’s Griffin

If we are going to talk about fan books, Fangirl is a must! You might think the title says it all, but there’s more to it.  As fans, we can sometimes struggle to blend in, especially if we are introverts like Cath, “the Fangirl.” This book proves that there’s nothing wrong with it and that if you ever feel like you’re late for real life because you’ve spent your life devoted to a fandom, you’re wrong. Rainbow Rowell demonstrates that if we find the right people, we can easily combine two lives. Place your order right now!

See Also

It Goes Like This By Miel Moreland
Fan books: It Goes Like This
Image Source: Courtesy of Feiwel & Friends

A friend group that becomes a popular band, and then not being friends at all. When four buddies go their separate ways, one of them becomes a fangirl. Despite the fact that all of the friends are heartbroken because they have grown apart, Eva is unable to let go of their band and creates an anonymous profile as a fan of their own band. It’s not only a lovely narrative about friendship, but also a touching one about the joys of fandoms. What are you waiting for? Order it already!

Shipped By Meredith Tate
Fan books: Shipped
Image Source: Courtesy of G.P. Putnam’s Sons
Books for Young Readers

The trope of enemies to lovers collides with science fiction fandom! Stella and Wes attend the same high school and despise one another since they are both striving to be the brightest student in their year. A fanbase, on the other hand, brings them together. The problem is that they have no clue. They become quite close after exchanging messages, both concealed behind their anonymous profiles, and even make plans to meet at SciCon. So, what happens next? You don’t want us to give anything away, do you? To learn, order the book!

The Boyband Murder Mystery By Ava Eldred
Fan books: The Boyband Murder Mystery
Image Source: Courtesy of Penguin

Finally, there’s The Boyband Murder Mystery. We constantly say at The Honey POP that fans have a lot of power, which is why they should never be ashamed of enjoying something so passionately. With this novel, Ava Eldred shows us that we are not alone. Harri and her pals decide to expose the truth when the lead singer of the popular boyband Half Light is arrested on murder charges. The book not only depicts fan-celebrity love, but also the trust and love that exists among a fandom. When we say that “fangirl” is not a dirty word, we really mean it. It’s about finding happiness and love, and it’s about forming a wonderful community with the others you meet through fandoms. The Boyband Murder Mystery is a book about a fandom attempting to investigate a murder in order to clear their idol’s name, as well as how underestimated fandoms are. This empowering novel will undoubtedly charm you. Go on, order, and feel the power of being a fan.

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Have you ever read any of these books? Are you excited that you have found books that you can relate to as a fan now? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPopFacebook, and Instagram. Don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive.

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