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Unpacking TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s ‘Frost’ Music Video

Unpacking TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s ‘Frost’ Music Video

TXT Frost

On October 27, TXT released the music video for fan-favorite song ‘Frost’ from their most recent comeback, The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape. The music video serves as another installment in the saga of The Star Seekers, TXT’s fictional universe across music videos, photo cards, and short films.

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Just like their predecessors BTS, TXT has created a sprawling universe for their fans to unravel. Not only does MOA have new content to look forward to, but an extra layer of imagination to dive into with theories and analyses.

‘Frost’ is a fantastical, unexpected take on the song. The boys set out on a journey that takes them through subways, magical forests, deserts, mysterious mirrors, and more. It’s truly an adventure, framed with ‘Frost’ as its soundtrack, gritty and experimental and tantalizing.

So, in the spirit of the music video, let’s go on an adventure! If you’d like to know more about the song’s creation and collaborators, go to number 1. If you’d like to travel to Magic Island with TXT, jump to number 2!

1. The Creation Of ‘Frost’

Fun fact, ‘Frost’ was written in collaboration with London-based artist Ashnikko, along with additional writing by TXT member Yeonjun. TXT’s experimental, unique style shines on this track. With a walloping bass line, raspy vocals, and a catchy hook, ‘Frost’ is hyperpop, trap-based perfection. The song carries a darker tone when juxtaposed with past TXT comebacks, and it’s delicious.

Hit up number 2 to see how the journey begins.

2. The Subway Station

We follow the boys through an empty subway station, where news announces a sinkhole in Seoul. There’s a small bead with magical powers – do you take it? Or are you too scared?

To take the bead, go to number 3.

If you’re too chicken, go to number 5.

3. Magic Island

The bead opens up a passage to a magical forest on Magic Island! The boys explore happily in the sunlight peeking through the trees, wandering around the whimsical setting. There are animals like shimmery butterflies and a cute dog. By nightfall, a lit-up tent has appeared. Do you follow the boys inside? Or would you rather skip ahead?

If you go inside the tent, head to number 4.

If you’re too impatient, jump to number 12.

4. The Fortune Teller

Tension builds as the boys encounter a mysterious storyteller whose face is obscured by a black hood. Everyone receives a card that foretells their fates, and each member is transported to their individual destinies. Who do you follow?

For Taehyun, go to number 6.

For Soobin, go to number 7.

For Beomgyu, go to number 8.

For Huening Kai, go to number 9.

And for Yeonjun, we’ll meet him at the end.

5. For The Scaredy Cats

We get it, traveling through strange vortexes can be a little spooky. But you got this. Go back to number 2 and choose again! We’re waiting for you!

6. Taehyun And The Tree In The Sea Sky

In one of the most intense scenes, Taehyun is seen hanging by one arm from a spindly tree in the midst of a fiery sky and dark water. Black birds soar through the clouds and a close-up of his hand shows dots of blood! We don’t know about you, but we’d like to exit that scene quickly. Hurry – should we visit Beomgyu or Soobin next?

For Beomgyu, go to number 8.

For Soobin, go to number 7.

For readers from number 10 only!
A person falls from the sky like a fallen bird, and when we zoom in, we realize it’s Taehyun. He drops through the orange sky, and we don’t know where he ends up.
You should pop over to Beomgyu’s caption next.

Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

7. Soobin And The Ancient City On Fire

As Soobin stands solemnly in the rubble of burning ruins, things begin to crumble around him. We cut to a toy rocking horse burning, and it’s revealed that Soobin still has the magic bead. He runs. Do we run too?

If you wanna get out of here, here’s another chance to skip to number 12.

Go to Beomgyu’s cave at number 8.

Or, pop over to Huening Kai at number 9.

Hello from Beomgyu’s caption, adventurers. Our boy Soobin is running just like Yeonjun, but toward what? The small magic bead crashes to the ground and shatters. In a parallel to Yeonjun, Soobin reaches for something amidst the fire, but we can only guess what it is. The rocking horse? Something else?
Let’s visit Huening Kai’s caption.

Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

8. Beomgyu And The Creepy Cave

There’s Beomgyu, exploring this dark cave curiously and bravely. A box sits on a boulder, beckoning him. Box Beomgyu holds a golden key, and we are thoroughly confused now, but let’s keep going! Fighting!

Go on to number 9 for Huening Kai.

Or, go back up to number 7 for Soobin.

Here from Taehyun’s caption? There’s not much to report, other than Beomgyu gazing around the cave with confusion and trepidation. Suspicious? Same.
Let’s go back to Soobin’s caption!

Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

9. Huening Kai And The Mirror Maze

In a dim hall of mirrors, Huening Kai stands among complicated math equations. As he studies his reflection, one of them turns before he does, and Real Huening Kai gasps and whirls around.

Did you visit everyone? If not, head back to number 4 and choose another member.

If you’re ready, pop down to number 10 to visit Yeonjun.

We’ve arrived from Soobin’s caption, and this one might perhaps be the most bizarre of all. In the mirror maze, Huening Kai (or is that a different Huening Kai?) pokes a finger through the force field vortex situation, and then Real Huening Kai chases after him, stumbling as the Other Huening Kai smirks. Then he happens upon a row of Huening Kais, and one of them turns around. And then, one of the Huening Kais sprouts translucent angel wings, while another crashes through a mirror’s glass.
Did you get all that?
Let’s go to number 12 and see if we can piece this together!

Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

10. Yeonjun And The Desert

Yeonjun kneels in the sand as invisible pawprints circle him. The desert is barren and vast, and Yeonjun begins walking away, his back toward us.

To stay with Yeonjun, go to number 11.

To find out what happened to Taehyun, go back to his photo’s caption.

Did you come here from number 11? If not, please close your eyes and skip over this part. Okay, keep reading, number 11s. The monster rises up against Yeonjun and he swings the spear toward it as it towers over him.
Join us at number 12 and see how this all wraps up!

Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

11. Running With Yeonjun

As billowing clouds of smoke or sand roll behind him, Yeonjun runs toward a stake in the ground. Just as he reaches the weapon, a monster emerges from the clouds—

See Also

Oh, sorry, if you wanna know what happens next you’ll have to check out the photo caption in number 10.

12. The End

Welcome impatient skippers and adventurers alike! We’ve almost made it to the end, everyone. So, if you skipped out on the detailed journey or just need a refresher, here’s what happened: Taehyun was hanging from a scary tree and fell off, Yeonjun was in the desert fighting a giant monster, Soobin held the magic bead in the burning ancient ruins, Beomgyu was stuck in a loop in a spooky cave, and Huening Kai had a lot of clones in the mirror maze and might be an angel. Got it?

Back in the fortune teller’s tent, their face is revealed, seemingly burned and unrecognizable. The fortune teller exhales and the boys jump back from the table away from the frost. They run out into snow, and back in the daytime, Beomgyu holds the key from the cave, Taehyun notices a bird’s nest, Yeonjun pets the red-eyed dog, Soobin looks through the fractured bead, and Huening Kai gazes into a puddle at his reflection.

In the night, the boys run from the fortune teller’s tent and leap back through the passage, landing in Seoul where they began. By Taehyun’s hand, the fortune teller’s book from Magic Island lies.

Whew, what an adventure, friends.

Fan Theories

Now, MOA knows the Star Seekers universe better than anyone, and many fans have been sharing their theories on social media since the video’s release.

Could they be in a time loop?

Does it all hinge on the chaos? Did the chaos begin with Yeonjun, as this person suggests?

Us after reading all these theories!

If there’s one thing we’ve taken away from this music video, it’s that it has only further cemented TXT as Kpop’s 4th generation it boys. The lush world they’ve crafted along with their unique music and charm is captivating. If you weren’t a MOA already, we hope you are now!

Stream The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape and look out for TXT’s first Japanese EP, Chaotic Wonderland, on November 10.

What did you think of the ‘Frost’ music video? Give us all your theories on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on Instagram and Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: BIGHIT MUSIC

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