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5 Things We Love About Elephante’s New Album

5 Things We Love About Elephante’s New Album

Multi-talented artist, producer, DJ, and songwriter Elephante has just dropped his new album Heavy Glow! This album marks his official debut with 88rising. And we at THP have been waiting for this one!

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Heavy Glow is about identity,” Elephante says. “It’s about coming to terms with who you are compared to who everyone else sees you as or expects you to be. Heavy Glow became a metaphor for the part of you that shines through in the nighttime and can be hard for other people to really see. It can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders, but ultimately defines who you are.”

Elephante's new album art
Image Source: Elephante via Twitter

You can listen to Heavy Glow on different platforms right here.

Elephante’s new album takes us through his emotional journey during quarantine, which is just what we needed. He goes through the initial optimism of getting a break, the bleakness of reality, and the final light of hope to keep going. We couldn’t relate to him more! Here are five things we love about Elephante’s Heavy Glow (but if we’re honest, we loved everything!).

‘Down The Road’ Behind The Scenes (Image Source: Elephante via Twitter)

The Focus Single

Something about the focus single ‘Down This Road’ feels so nostalgic. Maybe it’s the guitar instrumentals or Elephante’s dreamy vocals, but we’re reminded of our teenage years when nothing yet everything seemed to matter. You’ll know what we mean when you listen to this song.

The Pre-Released Songs

Elephante released three singles in the months leading up to the Heavy Glow release: ‘Holy Ghosts,’ ‘High Water,’ and ‘Dopamine.’ And the most recent single, ‘Dopamine,’ has quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of streams! All of these songs hit home for us, especially now when we’re in a state of constant unease for the future.

The Deep Lyrics Of ‘Departed’

It’s almost scary how relatable Elephante’s music is. We truly feel seen and validated from every song he’s written, and ‘Departed’ is no exception. Elephante sings about one person being the cause of all your pain because you keep holding onto them and don’t act like yourself anymore. Wow.

The Breakdown In ‘Running’

Let’s be honest, all of Elephante’s songs are made for you to blast on your speaker. But ‘Running’ is the song you turn up to and play in the dance club. Something about the instrumental breaks make you want to get up out of bed and move. Or, in this case, run!

The Chill Vibes Of ‘Light On’

One of our favorite things about Elephante is how well he does every music style. He can’t be put into a box, and we love that for him. Elephante sings about just tolerating everything thrown your way and not being able to say what you really feel in ‘Light On.’ Imagine you’re driving home, the sun is setting, and the perfect song is playing. ‘Light On’ is the song for that mood.

Elephante’s new album comes out just in time for his live shows! He will perform at the Head In The Clouds Music & Arts Festival on November 6. Head In The Clouds is a popular Asian music festival hosted by 88rising and will feature artists such as JojiCLeaJSeori, and many more! Elephante will also be at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Orlando on November 13, along with an impressive lineup of artists, including DJ SnakeDiploTiësto, and Zedd.

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Elephante's new album debuts at EDC Las Vegas
Elephante at EDC in Las Vegas (Image Source: Elephante via Twitter)

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Featured Image Source: Alex Lopes for Armada Music

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