Sam Tompkins ‘Bloodline’ Frontier Is Bringing The Tears!

Sam Tompkins ‘Bloodline’ Frontier Is Bringing The Tears!

Everyone’s journey is different! From the depths of being alone to being loved by someone in all the ups and downs, we need to trace a ‘Bloodline’ for our lives. Aspiring Brit Awards nominee (he’s not yet, but we believe he could definitely be one contender soon), Sam Tompkins walks through the pop ballad universe on the brand new single!

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Hits In The Making

The livelihood of the streets took TikTok by storm and it’s like we are coming across buckets, but on our phones! Sam Tompkins’ cover of Goo Goo Dolls’ ‘Iris’ arouses our curiosity and we are mesmerized by his voice. Even Justin Bieber praised him on Instagram where the Canadian pop star only had good words about how Sam is already making waves in the industry! The British singer-songwriter from Brighton raises his voice with incredible talent! Memorize his name, you’ll hear some new hits from him in the future!

Never Far Away!

Wasn’t only a building, you lifted and left behind/You left your children, and with them, came your bloodline,” Sam Tompkins chants in some Ed Sheeran-infused tones on the vibrant chorus of ‘Bloodline.’ No matter if our family isn’t there physically, we are all linked by our DNA. They are close to us with all their spirit and soul. Alone in a simple room or on the field, we’ll always feel the power of someone who left everything behind coming back at us.

What’s next for him? After this memorable single, we guess we’ll get more of these intense guitars and melancholic drum lines on his forthcoming EP who do you pray to? coming next February. We bet you will love the heartwarming melodramatic vocals. It’s pure like blossoms! Get lulled to the wonderful sounds of Sam Tompkins ‘Bloodline’ here.

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