Scream With Us – James Blunt Is ‘Unstoppable!’

Scream With Us – James Blunt Is ‘Unstoppable!’

We have long been fans of James Blunt’s music, his sassy tweets, and his witty humor. Still, we were not prepared for ‘Unstoppable!’ The delightful song comes with a rib-tickling visual and is next in line to appear on his upcoming greatest hits album, The Stars Beneath My Feet (2004-2021), set to arrive on November 19th!

Treating us with one of his most emotional and relatable songs yet, we can vouch that James Blunt has delivered a classic fan-favorite in ‘Unstoppable!’ The all-consuming beats match our hearts in rhythm, and the drums-driven chorus has made us spin and twirl all day. The heartfelt lyrics have found a permanent residence in our heads. It’s safe to say we will be streaming ‘Unstoppable’ as if our lives depend on it!

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A hilariously chaotic take on the wide range of responses he receives from his audiences, James weaves a beautiful nostalgic story of love with a fun music video that will leave you smiling ear to ear. The ‘Unstoppable’ music video shows James as our modern-day Pied Piper, only, in this case, people are running away, terrified of his music. James is blissfully unaware of the chaos and continues to stride, singing proudly. Indicating his triumphant career, he soon wins the world over, and the video comes to a joyous end. Watch below:

Be afraid … I am UNSTOPPABLE!

James Blunt

That you are, James! After all, you only ever paused to fetch a crushed pair of glasses amidst all the chaos in ‘Unstoppable’ MV before winning the world over! Can’t say we’re afraid though when we can love and stan you!

Is James Blunt on your stan list yet? What do you think makes him ‘Unstoppable?’ Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP or over on our Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Official Album Artwork Courtesy Of Atlantic Records

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