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30 2021 Halloween Looks By Our Faves Which Served

30 2021 Halloween Looks By Our Faves Which Served

Halloween night is like a second, more creepy Met Gala! One of our favorite traditions is hanging out online waiting to see what different stars decided to wear for the night, and our faves really pulled out all the stops this year. Here are 30 of our favorite celebrity costumes!

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Lizzo is one of the most relatable stars out there, and we stan her even more now that we know she loves Grogu/Baby Yoda as much as we do! We love how she went all-out with the makeup and ears, and it’s so fun that she walked around taking pictures with people!

Megan Thee Stallion

Real haunt girl sh*t! Megan brought the sassiest Cruella de Vil energy with her chic costume this year, rocking spotted hair and matching nails that we’ll definitely be copying next time we get a manicure.

Perrie Edwards

Not all that glitters is gold, but Perrie is definitely golden in her gorgeous fairy costume. We love the lacy details on her wings and dress! The pointed ears and glittery eyeshadow are also great additions.


Oh, Wonho, you know how to steal our hearts! We’re obsessed with his take on Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, especially with the fun colors in his hair. We volunteer to dress up as Joker if he needs someone to match! 

Hailey Bieber

Hailey went all out for her costume this year, recreating not one, not two, but four iconic Britney Spears looks! We love her attention to detail and how she had the perfect mini photoshoot to show off her outfits.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know

Has anyone ever seen a cuter monster than Lee Know? Let us know, because we certainly haven’t. His take on Sulley from Monsters University is so fun and looks so cozy. We might just have to transfer to MU after Halloweekend!

Lil Nas X

Nobody’s doing anything like Lil Nas X, and Halloween is no exception! He brought us right back to our childhoods by dressing up as Seth Powers from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide. And in true LNX fashion, he took it to the next level of extra with a spirited photoshoot. 

Lil Miquela

Our favorite robot icon Lil Miquela recreated Olivia Rodrigo’s cheerleader outfit from her ‘good 4 u’ music video! We love that she added stickers to her face as Olivia did on the SOUR album cover, adding a little extra Liv Miquela vibe to the look. 

SHINee’s Onew

Onew brought his a-game to the SM Halloween House event as The Penguin from Batman! His creepy makeup and fashionable layers add a spooky element to the costume, while the stuffed penguin is a cute touch. 

Chloe Bailey

Chloe gave us chic retro vibes with her take on Betty Boop! She perfectly recreated Betty’s hair and iconic red dress, with an extra Chloe touch on the bold makeup. And her Vogue cover-worthy photo in the look? Amazing.

Hey Violet’s Nia Lovelis

Are we in an enchanted forest right now? Because Nia’s gorgeous costume is giving us all the magical vibes! As if her dress, cape, and pretty headpiece weren’t enough, we’re living for her adorable spotted makeup. 

Joe Jonas

Joe delivered with this group costume alongside his wife Sophie Turner and their friend Olivia DeJonge! They dressed up as the iconic trio that is Lizzie McGuire, Paolo Valisari, and Isabella Parigi in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. It’s the perfect throwback vibe with just enough of a modern touch of style.

Alessia Cara

Alessia paid homage to the incredible Amy Winehouse with her costume, and we can’t get enough! She even nailed Amy’s tattoos and iconic cat-eye liner. We knew we got Amy vibes from her recent single ‘Shapeshifter,’ and this look just seals the deal.


“Lalisa love me,” Jisoo love me? We’re seeing double with Jisoo’s cute recreation of LISA’s iconic solo debut look. Meanwhile, LISA gives us an adorably creepy vibe as the infamous doll from Squid Game! Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait.

Harry Styles

There’s no place like home except for a Harry Styles concert, especially if it’s his iconic Harryween show! He understood the assignment with this adorable dress inspired by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. He even had a little Toto dog next to him onstage, and we’re obsessed.

Jade Thirlwall

Jade went all-out for her costume with her boyfriend Jordan Stephens, giving us a creepy take on The Simpsons complete with a bedazzled purse. We never knew Marge could look so chic, but we’re glad Jade showed us how it’s done!

Yara Shahidi

A queen as a queen! Yara gave us the ultimate throwback vibe with a tribute to Aaliyah, who she previously dressed up as for a Halloween episode of Grown-ish last year. We’re obsessed with this look and we’re ecstatic she brought it back.

NCT/SuperM’s Mark Lee

Can we officially rename the MCU the Mark Lee Costume Universe? We love that Mark put his own spin on a classic costume! His green hair adds just the right amount of contrast with the blue and red on Spiderman’s suit.

Selena Gomez

Another star who made a classic costume their own is Selena Gomez, who went to a Halloween party as Ghostface from Scream! Is it too late for her to be added to the cast of next year’s Scream movie? Because we think she nailed it.

Doja Cat

Doja got into it (yuh) this Halloween! She gave us all the nostalgia with her version of Ms. Sara Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls, complete with fluffy red hair and a little stuffed toy of the Mayor of Townsville. Her attention to detail is impeccable!

Maggie Lindemann and Brandon Arreaga

Maggie and Brandon were already one of our favorite celeb couples, but their Halloween costume takes it to the next level! We’re obsessed with their Monster High costume that includes Frankie Stein and Jackson Jekyll. The details? The accuracy? Just yes.

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Aespa are some of our favorite girls in K-Pop, and they dressed up as some of our favorite girls from the screen! With Ningning as the title character from Black Swan, Karina as the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, Winter as the doll from Squid Game, and Giselle as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, this is one of the most ambitious crossover events in history.


Where do we sign up for YUNGBLUD to be the devil on our shoulder?? We love that he went with an iconic devil look complete with horns and a tail while still adding some of his own edge. And of course, his iconic pink socks!

Taylor Swift

This wasn’t what we expected when Taylor said “please picture me in the trees” on ‘seven,’ but we’ll take it! With how popular cottagecore has been in the past two years, this is such an adorable costume, and we love how her recent signature braid peeks out from the back of the squirrel head.

Ariana Grande

Ariana really stood out with her feminine take on the titular monster from Creature From the Black Lagoon! We love how much effort she put into the details of her look and the photoshoot, along with how she had her husband, Dalton Gomez, join in on the fun. 

My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero

If anyone’s the quintessential “dad joke” dad, it’s definitely Frank, and his Halloween costume this year proves it. He paid homage to Post Malone with a little twist, becoming bread to go with his daughter’s avocado costume. What a fun concept!

Laura Marano

We love seeing queens support queens! Laura had one of the most unique costumes out there, taking inspiration from the character of Augustine who appears on Taylor Swift’s folklore album. Augustine narrates the song ‘august’ and is the “other girl” who James cheats on Betty with. She winds up with a broken heart, and we think Laura nailed this look!

Charli D’Amelio And Lil Huddy

Charli and Chase are such a power duo, and they proved it with their Alice in Wonderland-inspired costumes! The makeup and detailed clothes really brought their looks to the next level, and we can’t get enough.

Stray Kids’ Felix

Now that Christmas season is basically right around the corner, we might have to take a cue from Felix and get our Elsa on with some Frozen karaoke! His braid was spot-on and we love the mix of blue shades between his shirt and skirt.


Who needs a partner for a couple’s costume? Definitely not our girl FLETCHER! She was the perfect fusion of Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, recreating not only a Megan makeup look and an MGK outfit, but also nailing Kells’ chest tattoos! FLETCHER, if you’re reading this, we’d happily be your ‘Bloody Valentine’ for a matching costume next year.

What was your favorite celeb Halloween costume this year? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP, or in our Discord server The Hive!

Featured Image Source: Taylor Swift on Twitter

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