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6 Lyrics From Ed Sheeran’s = (Equals) Make Us Believe In Love

6 Lyrics From Ed Sheeran’s = (Equals) Make Us Believe In Love

Ed Sheeran, our multi-GRAMMY award-winning king, is back with his fifth studio album, = (Equals). We are overjoyed to hear his music again! Ed has left us wondering what his next album would be called after + (Plus), X (Multiply), and ÷ (Divide). Finally, on August 19, he provided us an answer with the announcement of = (Equals), which was followed by the release of his first single from the new album, ‘Bad Habits.’ And now we’ve received the record! = (Equals) is available to stream or purchase here!

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Ed Sheeran has a particular way of talking about love, as we all know. For a long time, he has used his incredible lyricality to make us believe in love again and again. And it certainly didn’t change with this new album! = (Equals) holds a special place in Ed’s heart because it is the first album he has recorded since marrying and finally meeting his precious daughter. You could say that while making this album, his heart was fuller than before, and you can hear his love and how much he cherishes it in each song. So sit back and relax while Ed Sheeran works his magic with words once more.

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“Timе stops to still
When you are in my arms, it always will
And life, lifе is changin’ tides”


We are lucky to witness Ed Sheeran’s affection for both his wife as well as his kid in his new album. ‘Tides’ is about his love for his daughter and how time stands still in his arms when he embraces her. He does a wonderful job of demonstrating how being a father differs from being a world-famous performer. When he has his daughter right next to him, everything comes to a stop, like we see in movies, and nothing else matters.

“You know you could tear me apart
Put me back together and take my heart
I never thought that I could love this hard”


We first heard ‘Shivers’ as the third single from the album = (Equals), and we’ve been hooked ever since. But, can we just take a look at those lyrics, please? Ed has nailed explaining love. Love has the capacity to both rip us apart and bring us back together; it has that much power, especially when you care deeply about someone. You know what they say, “every rose has its thorn.” But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

“The first kiss, the first night, the first song that made you cry
The first drink, red wine, on a step in Brooklyn, I
Still feel the first fight, and we both made it out alive
And I can’t wait to make a million more first times”

‘First Times’

We’re so soft that we’re bawling on the floor at THP HQ. It’s always so adorable to remember all the “firsts” in a relationship, whether romantic or friendship. Looking back on where you started and where you are now is something we should all do from time to time to appreciate the person with whom we are spending our precious time. We tend to forget about these moments, yet this kind of nostalgia never fails to make you feel good.

“I will always love you for what it’s worth
We’ll never fade like graffiti on the overpass
And I know time may change the way you think of us
But I’ll remember the way we were, you were the first full stop”

‘Overpass Graffiti’

The video ‘Overpass Grafitti’ was premiered at the same time the album was released. So, you should definitely see the music video! “Fading like graffiti on the overpass,” wow! What a beautiful way to describe something you’ve put so much effort into, something so lovely slowly slipping away. This is, without a doubt, one of the things we are most afraid of in human interactions. Because of our worry, we become concerned about losing what we have, even panicking over it, and making mistakes that may harm the other person. However, as Ed sings in the song, it is critical to remember the happy times at all times.

“We’ll see the same sky tonight
But the stars are out of place
You’ll never know the weight of my heart
Every time I leave you, babe”

‘Leave Your Life’

Ouch, our hearts! Leaving a loved one behind for any reason is one of the most difficult things a person can do, and musicians understand this more than anyone because their jobs require them to be away from home. Even though you are under the same sky, it is not the same without the person you have left behind. This one was particularly moving.

“You were loved before you had arrived
And every day that love just multiplies”


‘Sandman’ is yet another song about fatherhood, with wonderful lyrics in Ed Sheeran’s = (Equals). He makes sure that his kid is cherished, even if she has no knowledge that she is loved and it is only expanding. This is one of the purest forms of love on the planet, and we have to say, it warms our hearts so much!

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Image Source: Dan Martensen

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