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Emblem3’s Halloween Show, Nightmare on Sunset, Was A Night To Remember

Emblem3’s Halloween Show, Nightmare on Sunset, Was A Night To Remember

What’s a better way to start our Halloween weekend than by seeing Emblem3? On October 28th, E3 hit the stage once again to play a Halloween show named Nightmare on Sunset, and what the band described was going to be “the most lit Halloween concert of the year,” and of course, we had to be there to witness it. So we took a trip to ‘Sunset Blvd’ and right on into the iconic Whisky A Go Go to see if it lived up to the hype. Spoiler alert: It did! 

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Image Source: @emblemthree on Instagram

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it because we got all the highlights for you right here! May we present to you just a few reasons the night was one to remember.

How Intimate It Was

The show was sold out, but even then, The Whisky A Go Go is a super small venue with a cap of 500 people. Having fewer people in the crowd was an extraordinary experience; it gave us more incentive to talk to everyone and gave us an excellent opportunity to make new friends. This was especially true for people who flew in alone for the show. We all just felt like one big family supporting our boys.

The Openers

As talented as the boys are, their openers also rocked the night. They had a total of six openers which may sound like a lot at first, but they were all so great that we weren’t bored at all. Openers included Parker Polhill, Jefo, Nour Khoder, SZNS, and The Social (and even a special appearance from Tiffany Stringer). Each act brought in different energies that got us so hyped before seeing E3 and most definitely aided it making it “the most lit Halloween concert of the year.”

Emblem3’s Costume Reveal

Costumes were encouraged at the show as it is Halloweekend. So after having seen pretty much everyone’s costumes in the crowd, we were all excited to see who or what the boys would be dressing up as. So, of course, when they finally came on to the stage, everyone was excited to see their outfits, on top of us just wanting to see them in general. They came down, each wearing clown masks at first until taking them off and revealing they all had their face painted as the Joker! Then immediately jumped into ‘Reason,’ Drew even made a little joke about it after performing the first song.

Video Source: Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP
Video Source: Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

Drew Moshing

One of the most significant parts of the whole night was when Drew put down his guitar and jumped into the crowd, and moshed with the crowd. Not only did we fans enjoy it, but so did he and even mentioned it again at the end of the show that it was his favorite part. We hope we get the chance to mosh with him again soon. Check out the short clip we got of it below!

Video Source: Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

Playing The Classics

As much as we love all of E3’s music, we can’t help but have a special spot in our hearts for the classics. Hearing songs like ‘Chole,’ ‘Nothing to Lose’ and ‘Just One Day’ warmed our 2013 hearts with so much joy, we couldn’t help but scream it out.

Video Source: Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

The Covers 

Along with playing their actual songs, they played a handful of covers, some being ‘All The Small Things’ originally by Blink-182 and ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ originally by Fall Out Boy. Hearing all these classics had our nostalgia going through the roof, making the show just as enjoyable for concertgoers who weren’t as familiar with E3 as it was for the fans. It was interesting to see the boys singing some of our fave songs from back in the day.

Video Source: Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

The Finale

The boys ended the show by taking it all the way back to X-Factor and performing ‘Sunset Blvd.’ Of course, the crowd went wild, and confetti descended into the air when the last chorus hit—adding a fun and exciting touch to an already very “lit” song. Probably one of the most memorable moments of the night, which made for a perfect ending to a great night. 

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Video Source: Bianca Alvarado for The Honey POP

What was your favorite moment? Tell us by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP, we’re dying to hear your fave moments too!

Check out more about Emblem3 here!


Featured Image Source: Emblem3’s Instagram Page

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