Running ‘Off the Rails’ In NYC With JJ Wilde

Running ‘Off the Rails’ In NYC With JJ Wilde

JJ Wilde is a rocker to the core. And we are hooked. JJ Wilde hit Irving Plaza with an unapologetic, raw sound that embodies her style to a T. And we at THP loved every minute of it.

Now on tour with The Record Company, JJ is fresh off the release of EP Wilde that sees the Canadian rocker come into her own style with an unwavering technique that leaves her audience ready for what’s next. 

If you’re also riding the rock wave like us, we also recommend checking out hit group Attila. Who like JJ, give us a similar fierceness track after track. 

If you were needing a refresher to all things JJ Wilde though, we highly recommend checking out ‘Mercy’ off her latest EP Wilde. Which, as an fyi, is a must-listen.

The release of Wilde has us see JJ Wilde come into her own with even more of a rich, emotion-filled rawness with a brutality that hits hard. 

And to show this queen even more love, we’ve listed our go-to tracks here. Some we got lucky hearing live too. And since we’re feeling it – that means you are going to too.

Essential Tracks:

  • ‘The Rush’
  • ‘Wired’
  • ‘Mercy’ 
  • ‘Off the Rails’
  • ‘Best Boy’
  • ‘Someone Under You’
  • ’Stop Dragging my Heart Around’ (feat. The Glorious Sons)

Need even more live music? We gotchu


Featured Image and Gallery Source: Hillary Safadi for The Honey POP

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