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Strangers Forever? Maude Latour Knows The Answer?

Strangers Forever? Maude Latour Knows The Answer?

When you are a new artist and you are compared to big ones, how does it feel? Imagine what it’s like for New York-born Maude Latour! Snippets she posted on TikTok made her shine with her Lorde influences according to her listeners. They were absolutely right! She got the magic touch and her music is our breakup hangover medicine!

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Just Try To Keep Your Room ‘Clean’

And I miss you so much/But I blocked all your texts,” Maude Latour starts on the EP opener, ‘Furniture.’ After the break-up, she is “slipping through the cracks in the floorboards.” Like Olivia Rodrigo, she’s not afraid to let go of her feelings on a catchy song! While we throw the whole ‘Furniture’ away, she cleans every bad thought and tries to move on! “I’m even tryna keep my room clean/Every day, I make my bed just to get you out my head/And I’m even wearing sunscreen/30 SPF, yeah, ever since you left,” she went on in the chorus of the pumping track ‘Clean.’ Her songs through the EP empower and embrace positivity. On Maude Latour’s Strangers Forever, you won’t find the typical sad breakup song. We love her celestial Ellie Goulding-infused vocals that wanna make us move all night!

Technologies Changed Everything!

Are you a fan of Lennon Stella’s pop sensibility? Baby Queen’s electro experiments? Maude Latour’s Strangers Forever is a wonderful mix of both. “Modern love is so damn romantic/The irony of poor connection as we talk over FaceTime,” she croons on ‘Block Your Number.’ Our 8-bit ringtones, our fast-paced lives, everything is represented musically in the melodic track. Relationships changed so much through the last year, especially with the usage of new technologies. Hang up your phones and listen to what the others need to tell you.

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Can We Try One More Time?

We can try ‘One More Weekend’ and make it up “riding this daydream,” Maude Latour says with a joyful and hopeful attitude that reminisces Canadian songstress Carly Rae Jepsen’ ‘Call Me Maybe.’ Sometimes, we wonder if we have regrets about falling in love. “So after everything we’ve been through together/(Would it have been better stayin’) strangers forever?,” the New York singer goes on the last part of the EP, the title track ‘Strangers Forever.’ Maybe this would have been better if we’d never met, but, still, we wouldn’t have experienced good things. What is done is done! Don’t ‘Walk Backwards’ and stream Maude Latour’s Strangers Forever here! It will make you stronger!

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Warner Records

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