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‘Uh Oh,’ We Can’t Stop Thinking About These Amber Van Day Bops!

‘Uh Oh,’ We Can’t Stop Thinking About These Amber Van Day Bops!

Amber Van Day

If Amber Van Day isn’t on your stan file yet, your playlists need a makeover. From pop to dance to folk, she’s got it all for you! Blending genres and diversifying sounds, Amber has been dropping bop after bop. And we’re here to give you a taste of the magic she creates with four of our favorite Amber Van Day anthems!

‘Uh Oh’

Leading our list is Amber’s latest release, ‘Uh Oh.’ Our pop empress has brought some Halloween serve to the dancing tables with this one, and truth be told, we haven’t stepped down ever since we heard it. Assembled with the finest upbeat pop sounds, lovely melody, and edgy beats, ‘Uh Oh’ just made our Halloweekend so much better! Stream it here

Amber empowers us to recognize the existence of negative thoughts and fight against them with her breathtaking voice and enchanting lyrics. We think we just fell in love with her all over again, but can you blame us?


Someone was late for our songwriting session. So producer Paul Whalley and I sat on the front doorsteps and waited. ‘Uh Oh’ was made in about half an hour, the song wrote itself. In the end, we even kept all the original lead vocals and lyrics. ‘Uh Oh’ is a conversation to my inner monologue. It’s about the unpredictability of this tyrant who lives in my head, who can hijack my thought process at any moment and become the star of the show.

Amber Van Day on ‘Uh Oh’

‘Uh Oh’ is undoubtedly the perfect energy booster to board the Amber Van Day stan train!


As the world reopens its gates to live music after a dreadful pandemic, Amber Van Day has the perfect dance number to hit the floor with your partners. Celebrating desires, passion, and closeness, ‘Touch’ is a beat-driven dance-pop anthem to blast on high volume at clubs and domestic dates. The infectious hook and Amber’s stunning vocals will get you grooving in no time! As Amber says, “I do just love how dark and conversational it is.”

‘See You In Tears’ With Ilira

What’s better than one boss lady with all the life mantra you need? Why, two, of course! Amber Van Day teamed up with the creative powerhouse Ilira on ‘See You In Tears.’ The girl bosses made it pretty clear that nobody walks within at least a mile radius of their love interests. Even looking at them is off-limits. As a matter of fact, all of us have been there, done that. So this catchy pop record is your sass guide when you need to put your b*tch mode on and do it the Ambelira way!

‘Kids In The Corner’

Closing the list with the OG because ain’t that the only way to do it? Remember when you watched the epic opening scene of Netflix’s Fate: The Winx Saga and immediately rushed to Shazam THAT tune? That was our queen Amber Van Day’s iconic debut single ‘Kids In The Corner!’ Packed with confidence, sass, and unwavering swagger, ‘Kids In The Corner,’ she says, “is about self-acceptance, diversity, and strength in vulnerability.” And just like that, Amber brought in the heat, providing a much-needed voice to the less-represented communities in our society.

And there you have it! While we spin ‘Uh Oh’ and all these bangers by our precious dame Amber Van Day on repeat, we’ll (im)patiently be looking out for her next wonders. Because boy, oh boy, queen’s here to stay and own the game!

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Let’s hear from you! Did your favorite Amber Van Day bop make it to the list? What are your thoughts on ‘Uh Oh?’ Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP or over on our Facebook!

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