We Are Going ‘Last Train Home’ With John Mayer

We Are Going ‘Last Train Home’ With John Mayer

We, at the THP, are hyperventilating over John Mayer’s ballad version of ‘Last Train Home.’ He has made us cry and smile at the same time over the ballad version. All you need are a headphone and a quiet place to enjoy the intensity of this song. Oh, and most importantly, you need to close your eyes. If you are ready with these three things, then click here and start listening.

‘Last Train Home’ is a golden bonus to us after his blessed album, Sob Rock. We felt in our bones that John was making something extra special for us, and here we are with this surreal ballad version. John Mayer‘s music means something satisfying from within, and he always proves that. The most powerful thing about his music is he doesn’t let us unplug the headphone and continue to listen.

‘Last Train Home – Ballad Version’ Feels Like A Warm Hug

We forgot how many times we heard this song, and it feels new every time. It showcases his exceptional improvisational ability. It’s not only a mere love song but it is also about a lover who wants his beloved’s consent so that they both can be devoted to each other. This ballad version feels like a warm hug to us after a hectic day. It opens and closes with extended solo sections exploring some light-as-you-like motifs around the track’s irresistible hook before delving into a subdued rendition.

The ballad version showcases an engrossing guitar solo. When you see your beloved as the only one but cannot describe it in words, sing in Mayer’s lyrics, and of course, the ballad version of ‘Last Train Home.’ GRAMMY winner John Mayer always makes us feel elevated with his lyrics, voice, and music. ‘Last Train Home’ is not an exception.

Our legend is going on tour next year, so don’t be late to grab your tickets here.

What do you think about the surreal ballad version of ‘Last Train Home?’ Comment your thoughts by visiting us @thehoneypop.


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